Monday, December 8, 2014

Sephora Black Friday Deals- Kat Von D and Bite Beauty

Hello again readers!

When Black Friday hit, it was the first year that I could go a little crazy with online purchases... My wallet is hurting. This year, I managed to slide right in and pick up some things from Sephora, and they were the only two that I really wanted, and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up the Philosophy face wash, since it was such a good deal!

I picked up the Kat Von D Set, and the Bite set.

In the Kat Von D set, there were mini's of the Studded Lipstick in Lolita, and the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin.  

I already have Bow and Arrow, and Backstage Bambii, so I was really excited to add another to my collection, as well as try one of the studded lipsticks!

I wasn't that impressed with the studded lipstick. It's a dusty deep rose color, and I was really excited to try it out, even if it failed on me. It smelled sweet, like vanilla, and the packaging is to die for, but the lipstick was so dry. It dragged over my skin, and left chunks over my lips and skin, not cute. To make it worse, I went to try it again over a balm, and the lipstick broke off right into the cap! Not a great move, having these lipsticks so darn flimsy... It was the deal breaker for me.

Berlin is a really pretty warm rose, almost pink color. I loved it on the swatch, and in the tube, but on my lips it just didn't work out. I don't know what it was about it, but I think because it was so warm, it just didn't hit the mark. I was going to keep the set to keep Berlin anyway, but since the lipstick broke it wasn't worth it. :( Boo.

Though, I did find out that Lolita is pretty close to Touch of Spice by Maybelline, though Lolita is a little warmer. Not a terrible alternative, and I do like Touch of Spice!

Then I got the Bite Lush Fruit Lip Gloss mini trio, and I was so excited to try these. I have heard good things from this brand, so when I had the opportunity, I went and put them right in  my cart! 

 Rambutan is a peach-nude gloss, Currant is an incredibly sheer plum, and Strawberry is a sheer pink.  I really wish I knew more about Bite Lush Fruit Lip Glosses before I bought them, because the only color that was really good, was Rambutan. The other two sheer out so much, that even with a couple of coats, they don't look different on my lips (despite Strawberry looking rather pigmented on my arm, it did not look pigmented on my lips). 

The glosses have this really fruity scent, but it just smells so disgusting and fake. The scent didn't go away for me, and I kept scrunching up my nose in distaste because of how disgusting I thought the scent was. I can do vanilla and cake scents till the cows come home, but I can't handle terrible fruity scents. 

Even worse, they were so sticky. I couldn't purse my lips together without feeling like there was glue there instead of lipgloss. Good for staying all day, but I'd rather apply lipgloss every hour than have sticky gloss on my lips. Not a fan.

It kind of turned me off the brand, because of how much I didn't like these.

I ended up taking both sets back, they just weren't for me. It worked out, because I exchanged them for some things I did want to try. :)
Thanks for reading.

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