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Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks

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What seems like ages ago, I made a post of Kat Von D products that I picked up from TJMax and Marshall's, seen here. Well, since then Kat Von D has updated her formula, her packaging, and created new shades! It was like a whirlwind! I've managed to pick up a few different shades, and I've returned all but one. I just... wasn't that impressed with them.

The Lolita Lip Duo had it all, the most recent batch of Lolita, and a new version named Lolita II, that's supposed to resemble the original version. So many people still consider this a Holy Grail lip color, so when the opportunity came to try two versions, I couldn't pass it up. It started my downhill spiral...

The box was excessively huge for what comes inside. It's just the two tubes, folded up into tissue paper, and nothing else. Granted, the tubes aren't gonna be breaking just from being jostled a little, but it's just so strange that the box would be so huge, for something so small.

The tubes are a little less than half of the size of the full-sized versions. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Unless I was wearing one of these every day, I wouldn't ever dream of running out. My lipsticks generally go bad before i end up using up (mostly because I have so many choices, rather than just letting them sit around untouched. I gotta spread the love!), so this wasn't a pro for me since there were two choices in the set.

Lolita is a chestnut rose, while Lolita II is a terra cotta nude. Lolita was a lipstick I would tend to reach for, it's a little darker than a traditional nude, and it's got the right amount of cool tones. However, I have so many like this in my collection (not dupes, but similar) that I don't miss this one. Lolita II was a LOT warmer than I was expecting. It's supposed to be similar to the original Lolita, and while it's nice, it's just not flattering to me, it's far too warm for my tastes.

The set is no longer available, but Lolita and Lolita II are readily available (if they're in stock, that is!) on the Sephora website for $20 a piece. 

Would I suggest them? Well, no. I wasn't a huge fan of the formula, although it's more comfortable it's FAR easier to spread the color around, unfortunately. Lolita II is your safest bet, for now.

The issue I have with the Lolita fame, is that it's such an inconsistent color, and the quality control on this shade is ATROCIOUS. Granted, they had issues with trading in pigments and making them cruelty free, but there have been about 4 versions of Lolita, so it's always a tossup if you'll like it or not, and if you like it, it could potentially change all over again. It's got a cult status, where everyone seems to go crazy for it, but I don't think it's worth it. I would have preferred the brand to take it off the shelves until they re-released it, because it used to be one of my most-wanted lip colors, and quickly fell off due to disappointment.


The new packaging for the new formulation is very similar to the original, but a little longer. It still has a doe-foot applicator, and the new heightened handle makes it easier to handle. Same amount of product, just easier to use. These are the packaging re-designs that I really fall in love with, because it's a small change that makes a big difference.

Witches, is the lipstick I got in exchange for the Lolita & Lolita II bundle, and I  like it much better. It's a black liquid lipstick, which just rang to my heart and I had to have it (only for Friday to be released a month after I got this, boo). Anyway, the formula of this was... a little strange. When it's first applied, it's such a brilliant, dark, deep black. When it dries, it looks a bit more like a charcoal stick, you know, where it's more like off-black rather than pure black. In pictures, it doesn't make a difference, but I can't help looking at the freshly applied swatch and letting out a wistful sigh at what could have been.

Out of all of the liquid lipsticks I've tried from the new formula, Witches is by far my favorite.

Echo was another lipstick that I was desperate to get my hands on. I debated on what to spend my Christmas money on, and I decided on this one. I just loved the color in pictures, and as soon as I could, I ordered it to try for myself... and I hated it.

It was incredibly streaky, taking 3, and even 4 layers of product to become opaque. Even with the multiple layers, if I smiled or talked, it would break apart and show more streaks! It was a nightmare, but I'd put that all aside, if I loved the color... and I just don't. It's supposed to be a navy blue, but I found it to be more like an indigo blue, as it looked purple on my skin (maybe because of the yellow tones of my skin..) and at that point I was just so heartbroken. I would have much preferred a dark blue, instead of an indigo.


Overall, I've noticed that with all four of the new formula lipsticks, have a problem with being streaky, and needing two coats (or more!) to have an even application. My favorite has been Witches, and even then I prefer Friday from ColourPop. Out of the four Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks, I've kept one. ONE. The others were just disappointments for me and I didn't want them in my collection.

Another issue I found across the board with the new formulation, is that they didn't last that long, at least, not as long as the original formula. I found that within about 4 hours, I'd have some wear on the inside of my lips, and if I drank anything or licked my lips, my lipstick would be smeared in places. Also, even though this formula is supposed to be a more comfortable matte to wear, I noticed that it would dry and flake off too, which is an incredibly attractive look. It was difficult to keep in place all day, and touch-ups were a nightmare, because adding more product on top of a crumbling mess was a recipe for disaster, and ill-advised.

There are is exactly one shade that I really want; Bow and Arrow, and that's about it. All of the other shades I'm not really interested in trying out anymore after being so dissatisfied with these. It's such a shame because I know so many people love these products, but they just don't work for me, and don't live up to my expectations in a $20 lip product.

There are other liquid lipsticks I would much rather invest in, instead of more of these.

Thanks for reading!

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