Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost Review

I found this bottle of Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Caribbean Frost for only a dollar at CVS!

Now at first glance, it might look a lot similar to the Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Bijou Blue.

But I can assure you that they are very different.

See? I really like them each as their own color. Bijou Blue reminds me sort of like a pool, or the ocean by a beach, and Caribbean Frost reminds me of a lake~ They're both so pretty.

Now, my concept was to use Caribbean Frost with a crackle, and this is the one I chose.

I used China Glaze Crackle in Black Mesh on top.

Now for the review. I personally really like this color a lot. It's a shimmery light teal. It's just such a gorgeous color, and it picked up the light beautifully as well. It went on smoothly, though it needed two coats to reach the amazing pigment you see in the pictures. It dried pretty fast too, which makes it good for someone like me, who isn't so skilled with patience. I would definitely buy this color again.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I am going to be making a backdrop soon for when I do my photos, so you won't have to look at my wooden floor (or Ani's carpeting) for when I take my pictures anymore.