Friday, April 26, 2013

Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Rose Kiss

Hello again readers~

I have Raspberry Rose Kiss Lip Butter from Nivea today. :)

In all honesty, I really should have gotten this instead of the caramel. Out of all three, this had the most accurate scent to the label and it's absolute heaven. It's a heavy raspberry with just the right hint of rose, and it's surprisingly well together. 

It smells fantastic, doesn't taste terrible, and is just as moisturizing as the others, and admittedly, my favourite of the three.

The scent isn't as strong as the other two, and isn't too overwhelmingly sweet. It's subtler, but in a great way.

Nivea Lip Butters can be found at drugstores for about 4 dollars a piece (2 for 4 if you wait for the right time. :) )

Thanks for reading~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sinful Colors - Savage

Hello again readers~

I'm really excited to be showing off Sinful Colors - Savage today!

Savage is an absolutely gorgeous turquoise that has a little surprise.

 It's matte! Oh, I instantly fell in love at first swatch. It's very opaque, covering in just one coat! Of course, it also shows ridges...  You can overcome this by using a ridge-filler, or just adding another coat on top. So to be safe, it's a two-coater.

It even looks fantastic with a top-coat, and is definitely one that really packs a punch no matter which way you wear it.

I personally like the matte look, but which do you like more?

Thanks for reading~

Save Rock and Roll

Hello again readers~

I went with my sister to her university today, and afterward we had lunch and did some shopping!

I didn't buy this today, but I didn't want to make another post about it... It's a black high-low skirt. I was very fortunate that it was in my size, and I have an outfit already prepared for it. :)

 At Forever 21 I scored big time! They had some very cool jewelry pieces that I couldn't pass up at all!  A shimmery chrome bib/collar necklace (I'm not sure how to refer to it, if you do, let me know!), a geometric diamond pendant, and a feather pendant. Simple and gorgeous.

At Rue 21, they had these adorable roller-ball perfumes for a dollar each. They smelled so good, I bought all they had (plus a muskier one for special occasions). I decided I was going to save them, and had a nice giggle at myself. I'm going to 'save'  Rock n' Roll.

Which proudly brings me to the last blip of the post:

I purchased the new Fall Out Boy CD, Save Rock and Roll! Admittedly  it was last Thursday, but I didn't want to make a post just about the CD either. It's incredible.

I did however, purchase Infinity On High today at V-Stock so I'm a little energetic about this.

I lied, I'm VERY energetic about this.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sinful Colors - Daredevil

Hello again readers~
I might not have that awesome mani, but I have a Sinful Colors polish for you to enjoy. Sinful Color's Daredevil.

This polish is BRIGHT. So incredibly bright, and so bright that it makes me look tan! It's a bright pink with a purple shimmer in light. It's absolutely gorgeous. I was on a mission for a pink that I liked, and I found it. Applies like a dream, only needs two coats, and doesn't give you much trouble at all.

At two dollars? It's a steal, and can be found at Wallgreens.

Thanks for reading~

New Kicks

Hello again readers~

I'm a little bummed. I had a really cool looking mani for you, but since I was working on the mural for the school, the mani was completely destroyed. :( Oh well. It gives me an opportunity to change it up and make it better. :)

Mum actually got these for me for an Easter present. I love them so much! They're in a colour I wouldn't usually pick for myself, but I love the spikes and how well they look on me. 

They are rather hot though, and definitively not shoes for summer, but for the fall, winter, and spring they are  great.

She bought them at Target for about 18 dollars, they might even still have a few pairs. They were broken in within an hour, and they are super comfortable.

Thanks for reading~

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OOTD and Updates

Hello again readers~

What a wild past couple of weeks, huh? The weather was really cold, and now it has gotten hot, and most likely cool tomorrow. It just can't make up it's mind. :)

Just a few updates, along with a FOTD and OOTD thrown in here, hope you stick around.

 My dad got me a new desktop, which I am so pleased with!  Meet  Uriel 2.0. He's fast, he's quiet, and he's perfect for school work, communicating, gaming, and most importantly, blogging. I couldn't have asked for a better one, and he fits in perfectly. 

I actually had a nice opportunity to work for the Election board as a Tech, so why not go all out? I looked decently professional, though it was so cold! I had to wear my jacket for most of the day.

It was a long day, a lot of work, but it was worth it, and I got to spend a lot of time with my mother, which doesn't happen too often.

 I spent a good portion of three days going through all of the sketchbooks, notebooks, folders, and scraps littering around my desk. Piling them on the top really put it in perspective, and I found written reviews from a long time ago as well. Shame.

Winding down now. I hopped off to Sally Beauty Supply a few days ago, and they had their pastel lip glosses on clearance. I picked up a mint, and a lilac and wasn't hoping for much, but was pleasantly surprised. 

Mint was what I expected, a lot of patches and a bit sheer.

The lilac however, exceeded my expectations. It's not the best colour for my skin tone (at all. it makes me look like a corpse unfortunately), but it was so different I fell in love anyway. I went back and bought the rest they had (2) and will hoard them with my life. They'll probably be gone by the end of the year. 

Do you like any crazy lip colours?

Last week, my friend Angelica gave me two huge bag of clothes to choose from. Unfortunately, my torso is longer than hers, and there is no hope of me fitting in a size zero, so I only was able to get 6 shirts, an awesome pair of socks, a dress, and a leather jacket out of it. I also got a skirt and pants to use as scrap material, and I'm going to do something awesome with them in time. :)

My makeup lately has been dark. For a while I only went out with eyebrow gel and powder, foundation, and mascara, but recently I've been heavy on the eyes. Smoky and piercing. No eyeliner though, which I regretted, but only slightly. It's easier to remove this way.

Jacket: Gift
Dress: Thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21

The jacket fits me like a glove, almost perfect except for the chest area. Since I don't zip it up all the way, it looks fantastic anyway. Wore it over a long-dress with flats for today, and it worked out better than expected.

Whew! That was longer than expected, still hanging on? 

Thanks for reading~

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hard Candy - Gummy Green

Hello again readers~

The last of the three Hard Candy polishes I purchased, was Gummy Green. I couldn't resist, since it reminded me a bit of Illimasqua's Mottle. It's no where near a dupe, though, and I'm pleased for that.

Gummy Green is a mint green base with black, and silver circle glitter thrown in.

The first coat i wasn't impressed. It was streaky, and very very sheer. Adding a second coat is like creating magic, it evens it out, and makes the polish look opaque on the nail.

A couple things to point out, is this is definitely a wrapping polish, since tip-wear is a sure thing. Also, this needs more than one coat of top-coat. I suggest two, maybe even three. I just applied one, and though it did the job, there are still a few 'rough' spots that I would like to even out.

I'm a sucker for mint, I'm a sucker for black, and I'm a sucker for the two combined with a flash of silver in the mix. This is a definite must-have for nail polish lovers who also love mint.

Gummy Green retails for 4 dollars, and can be found at Walmart.

Thanks for reading~

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection - Blue Had Me At Hello

Hello again readers~

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection - Blue Had Me At Hello

The colours are slightly darker in these photos, but they show off the shimmer SO well!

For five dollars, you get 8 different colours, all very pigmented. You can follow one side, or mix-and-match to create your very own looks. This is a cool palette, and I couldn't resist it for myself.

The lighting was terrible for some reason, and made all of my photos just so dark! (I'm going to have to switch to a white back-drop I suppose...) So I took another photo today and lightened it up again to show how the colours really look.

On the left, you get a bright silver, a darker blue-toned silver, navy blue with blue shimmer, and a matte black.

On the right, you have a green-toned silver, a metallic teal, a metallic blue, and a black with silver shimmer.

All of these swatches were applied wet.

I really liked this palette, and still do. The colours are great, go well together, and there are so many different ways to use them! And as always, a fantastic deal.

Thanks for reading~