Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello again readers

Today my dog, Humphrey, passed away. I will be MIA for a while.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hello again readers~


Nina Ultra Pro in Cobalt, and Essie Shrine of the Times.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

OOTD and Relaxing

Hello again readers~

It's crunch time! My final day of school is December 13, which is approaching VERY quickly. I'm both excited and nervous for it.... 

A bit ago, we traveled to visit my cousins. I didn't take many pictures at all (except for my photography class) because it was just a weekend to spend with family and relax, and it was just what I needed. 

I did take these on the way home. The first is my version of a swatch for NYX - Chaos. Favourite red lipstick I own (so far...)

And this just because of cotton candy slurpees.


Apologies that the second photo is so blurry... all of the photos were blurry except when I was wearing the jacket. Oh well, next time they'll be better.

Jacket - Rue 21
Top - Rue 21
Belt - Claire's
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Thrifted

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Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello again readers~

This took a lot longer than expected to post, because of camera and picture transfer issues, but now here it is, though it isn't something incredibly special.

We went to Branson on a Saturday a few weeks ago, and it was a weekend full of art! There were paintings, and drawings, and jewelry. It was a little overwhelming seeing such pieces and talent all in one place, but it was great! 

We stopped at Silver Dollar City first, to meet my grandparents and have fun, and we got to see so much, from demonstrations, and we ate delicious snacks and joked around. It was pleasant.

Here's Sarah riding a rocking horse in the barn! Doesn't she look cute?


At Rue, I picked up this tank (isn't it just WILD?), and I have already fallen in love with it. It actually makes me appear tan, and I love the textured design with the skulls on it. I also picked up this pack of thin belts, because I really wanted just the black, so now I'll have to find a use for the yellow one.

And this bag! I can't wait until the semester of Uni is over so I can use it! It's not a school-friendly bag for me. I was highly tempted to get the green one as well, but I'll get more use out of this one. (It will be smeared with dirt, and art mediums in no time!)

My mum picked this out for me actually, because she knew I'd like it. Unfortunately, last Saturday I took a fall down the steps,and I broke the skull off the chain. I fixed it, but it was very embarrassing and I felt horrid that I broke it in such a silly way. :( It's a super easy way to fancy up an outfit, and you can change out scarves for it!

Bath and Body Works:

Since the Halloween things were on clearance, mum let me stock up on 'Vampire Blood'. Honestly, the 'Blood' scents, are my favourite anti bacterial scents they have! I also got Winter Cranberry, Black Pearl (that has glitter in it), Vanilla Cupcake, Fresh Market Apple and Fresh Lemon Antibacterial Hand Lotions, and Forever Red mini-bottle. 

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Hello again readers~

 Four coats of by Permission to Proceed bySpoiled, and one coat of Black Mesh by China Glaze.

I know the photos look a bit different from how I usually do them, but I was messing with my camera settings for this round. It was really interesting how many effects I could achieve, by just turning a small dial. :)

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Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello again readers~

My nails from last week.

One coat of Insta-Dri, Night Fright by Sally Hansen, and I applied the 'goo' with Hard as Nails, Limestone by Sally Hansen.

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Hello again readers~

It was that time again, one of my favourite times of the year: Halloween! I love it so much, because you can be creepy, and weird, and scary or whatever you choose, and it's accepted for a day~

I was lame, and picked to be a zombie again. Why mess with a good thing? Though this year was different:


The nails on this hand were my favourite...

... but this hand was for grossing my teachers and peers out, because the nail was able to be moved around without falling off:

The materials I used?: False nails, cotton, food colouring, eyeshadow, toilet paper, Elmer's glue, black lip gloss, and clear lip gloss. Looks gross, doesn't it?

Angelica wanted a picture with both of our hands, so of course we did. 

And a picture of the both of us! She was so cute, and she was the practice model for some of the face painters there. :)

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