Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glossy Gloss

Hello again readers~

Today I'll be doing a quick review on E.L.F.'s Glossy Gloss. It's from their Studio line, and I picked mine up at the Dollar Store, of course you can get them at Target, and from the E.L.F. website as well.

The colour I purchased was Berry Blush.

A high shine gloss for a beautiful sheen and a rich tint of colour that has no sparkle.

Great for wearing alone or over lipstick, lip pencil, or any lip colour.

Provides intense hydratoin and moisture with infused Vitamin E formula.

As for the packaging, I really like it. The packaging looks good and sleek.

The application is by a brush that coats the lips well in even colour coverage.


Inexpensive (1-3 dollars)
- Easy to get
- If you lick at your lips, the color remains.
- No shimmer!
- Good amount of product
- Lasts well

It feels slightly heavy on the lips
- DOES have a scent (though it's pleasant!)
Overall: 5/5
I loved this lip-gloss! It wasn't too terribly heavy, and lasted well. I was able to run my tongue over my lips, and it still lasted a while. The taste wasn't bad, and it smelled good.

The colour faded after an hour, but the gloss remained. By the third hour, most of the gloss was gone and it just left a dewy appearance to my lips.

It's good on your wallet too.

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Hello again readers~

I just took a few photos of which extensions suited me best. So I will post them from least favourite, to favourite. 

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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello again readers~

Here is my NOTD looks from the past two weeks. :)

NOTD 1 - Orly 'Androgynie'

I used Orly 'Androgynie' over Wet N Wild Fast Dry in 'Ebony Hates Chris'. Androgynie can be layered to stand on it's own, but the pay-off is much better to put it over a black base. 

I absolutely love this polish (have worn it a few other times, but only pictured it now). It's a black base (a bit sheer) with holo glitter, and hexegonal glitter. 

The only problem, is that there isn't the metal balls inside to mix the glitter around, so the glitter sits at the bottom of the bottle. I'm working on getting this fixed (ordering a packet of the metal balls so I can fix this, and make my own), but for now it has to be stored upside-down to get glitter.

Previously, I have worn it alone, though with applications it eats up the glitter and dulls it. If you layer it over a black polish, it really stands out, and is just brilliant.

NOTD 2 - Orly 'After Party'

I'm so glad I picked up this polish when I did. 'After Party' is a navy blue base, PACKED with blue, pink, and purple shimmer. It's asolutely GORGEOUS. 

I included the shade photo, because the colour of the bottle, is really how it looks on the nail. I just couldn't get it to photograph correctly on my nails, but it's absolutely beautiful.

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Love and Beauty Nail Colour Swatches

Hello again readers~

I finally was able to get the photos off of my camera, onto the computer and wrote up my review for the Love and Beauty nail polishes I bought a few weeks prior.

I bought the box on sale from Forever 21, knocked down from 9-10 dollars, to 5. The box came with seven colours: 5 shimmers, 1 jelly, and 1 glitter.

None of them had names, so I just listed them by the order they were in the box.

1.) Dark Gunmetal - A gunmetal grey with silver shimmer. Opaque with 2 coats. This was hard to make even, since brush strokes were still visible, but it covers well and the strokes are barely noticeable.
2.) Dark Violet - A violet/grey-black base with violet glitter and shimmer. This polish seemed incredibly sheer, but turned opaque with 2 coats. The shimmer is brilliant if you're in direct light, but lacks when it's in the shade.

3.) Plum - A dark vampy plum (the reason I wanted the set in the first place). I absolutely love it. Opaque with 2 coats, and dries slightly matte. It resembles a rubber finish, but I prefer it with a top coat.

4.) Pink Glitter - Just a bright pink glitter. Swatch is with 3 coats. There is a way to get it opaque, but that would require numerous coats and it's not worth it. Looks wonderful over black polish.

5.) Blue - Sheer blue base, with blue and green shimmer. Very sheer, and needs building up. Opaque in 3 coats.

6.) Green - Grey/Green base, with green and silver shimmer. VERY Sheer. This was with 3 coats, and still doesn't seem dark enough.

I had high hopes for this, since in the bottle it looked so dark, and on the nail, the silver shimmer makes it much brighter.

7.) 'Light' -  This is exactly like the Distict 2 - Stone Cold, China Glaze polish, though slightly different (it doesn't dry matte, and is slightly lighter!). It covers in one coat, but I applied two to be safe. 

I think if you're looking for an alternative to Stone Cold, this would be wonderful, but since I have it, I find it a hassel since if I wanted a matte look, I'd need to add extra polish.


I only kept two; Plum and Dark Violet. The others I gave to my sister. The polishes suit my palette more, but I already have a gunmetal and a 'Stone Cold' polish, I don't need numerous ones.  The others just didn't suit me at all, or I had similar polishes.

They are rather nice polishes, and if you get it on sale the price is exceptionally great.

Bonus swatches:

1. Icing 'Shredded' over Orly 'Gumdrop'
2. Love and Beauty 'Dark Blue' over Wet n Wild 'Ebony Hates Chris'
3. Love and Beauty 'Pink Glitter' over  Wet n Wild 'Ebony Hates Chris'

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Friday, July 20, 2012

NYX Lucious Lip: The Perfect "Everyday Colors" Palette - Swatches and Review

Hello again readers~

I come bearing swatches with a slight review today.

The NYX Lucious Lip: The Perfect "Everyday Colors" Palette.

The shades were colours you could wear everyday, with one 'pop!' colour (sort of a lip-bitten colour) and four nudes. It's 8 dollars for 75g (.26 oz).

Product is smooth and creamy to apply.
- The packaging looks very appealing
 - You'll have access to multiple shades instead of carrying around just one lipstick/lip-gloss.
- Subtle scent
- The taste is good 

It's more a lipstick effect; too matte to be a proper gloss.
- It lasts okay, but needs to be reapplied.
- Not hydrating.
- The brush that accompanies it is complete rubbish; easier to apply with a finger.

Overall: 3/5
Though the packaging looks wonderful, I don't like how I need twice as many things to apply it. I do like the colours on my lips, since I am pale and it is hard to find a nude colour that looks good on me. The fifth shade, is perfect for me and my skin tone.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

June's Top 5

Hello again readers~

June's Top 5

'Hunting' Jacket:
I have been wearing this quite often. It may not be the most fashionable to some, but to me it's amazing. It's warm, and the colour looks good with almost everything. I like it so much, I even use it as a blanket at night because it's so warm.

Another favourite brought because of Supernatural. Since I have gotten it, I have only taken it off when I shower or swim. I wear it with everything, and since it's not overly flashy, it really does go with everything. I even wore it when I dressed up! :)

Physicians Formula:
Since it's been so hot, I can't wear liquid foundation without it melting off of my face. I usually don't like powder foundation anyway, but this one is my exception because it evens my skin tone, feels soft, lets my skin breathe, and the best of it all; it has SPF 50 to protect my face from the sun. 

Skin Milk Face Lotion:
Even though it's been so hot, my face has been feeling a little dry. This helps the skin on my face feel smooth and soft through this heat. 

EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew Lipbalm:
With the heat, my lips get chapped a lot and with my consistant biting, I need this to keep them hydrated and soft. When I'm outside though, I'd use the Lemon Drop one I have, which has SPF 15.

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