Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nicole by OPI - Yellow It's Me, Daffy Dill, and Wavy Navy

Hello again readers~

Since I found these polishes super cheap (under 2 dollars each) I wanted to group them together and make a quick post!

Yellow It's Me

Yellow It's Me is a sheer yellow jelly polish with orange shimmer.

Of out all three, this was the hardest polish to work with. It was too sheer (as seen on the ring finger) since it's a jelly polish to truly stay on it's own. I layered it over white, and as you can see, I should use more than one layer of it over white since the application is streaky. It's not that noticeable in real life, but my camera picked up every little streak.

The formula was very runny, and clean up was an absolute nightmare. I couldn't even get it all tidied up, and I ended up giving up.

I used one coat over Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, and three coats on my ring finger. Should go with at least four, maybe five if you choose to wear it on it's own. Layering over another yellow like Sinful Colors - Unicorn would be a better bet.

Daffy Dill

Daffy Dill is a sort of chartruse/lime green creme mix.

I was really drawn to this polish, and with the obvious blurb of the middle finger, so was fuzz! I had to pull fuzz off that nail, and it left ugly little indents in the nail. :(

This polish was decent to work with. Not too runny, not too thick either, and the colour is so odd that I fell in love.

I used two coats, but three would have been best.

Wavy Navy 

My favourite of the three! Wavy Navy is a navy blue polish with shimmer.

This polish was so shiny! The shimmer reflects light so well, and it just looks absolutely stunning. I had high hopes for this polish, and it really lived up to how I thought it would be. It does stain, however, which is a downside, but the formula was great to work with.

I used two coats for full opacity.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Funky Fingers - Venom, Evenora's Envy, and Taken

Hello again readers~

Quick round of swatches from Funky Fingers

Evenora's Envy

Evenora's Envy is from their OZ collection. It's a basic, light teal (minty) creme. It really resembles Sinful Colors - Mint Apple, but slightly lighter and without the shimmer. It was opaque with 2 coats.


Out of all three, I hated this one. Taken is a shredded glitter in a blue base, but the glitter payoff is terrible. This is with two coats. It looks gorgeous in the bottle, but it ends there.


Venom was one that was on my wishlist, and I was happy to find it in the store. It's a violet/green duo-chrome polish. It was opaque with two coats, though reminded me of...

Color Club - Portfolio

Venom - Right, Portfolio - Left
They were almost dead-on dupes, but Venom was slightly darker.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ulta Polishes - The Skinny, Whatever Floats Your Moat, and For Bitten

Hello again Readers~
Just a few polishes from Ulta for you today.

The Skinny:

Darkened Navy/Teal polish. Application was okay, applied in two coats. Nothing too overwhelming.

Whatever Floats Your Moat:

Whatever Floats Your Moat is a bright, darkened cobalt jelly polish. I went in for this particular polish. The application was a little difficult, it was a little runny, and needed to be wrapped. I also should have put on another coat too. This polish stains like crazy too...

For Bitten:

For Bitten was another one of those that roped me in! I love chromes like this, and it's a lot like Space Cadet, Beetle, and other polishes we've seen before. It actually shifts more in real life, and the only photo that really showed it was the last one. It's always a shame that they're not so powerful as they look in the bottle, but I never of tired of them.

Thanks for reading~

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hard Candy - Fox in a Box in Spicy and Sweet, Bake Bronzer in Tiki, and Light Bright in Fair

Hello again readers~

I didn't want to just post these individually (too much time!) so I've decided to start compressing posts like these into just one. I went to Walmart and got some of the Hard Candy products off of my wishlist.

Lite Bright - Fair:

What a little H.G. I have here! I've been using the Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer under my eyes to erase the dark circles, and though it works, it's a really heavy concealer... Lite Bright is a light-weight concealer that instantly brightens under your eyes with a brush-tip applicator. I was a little hesitant to get this, since I'm so pale as it is, but it didn't disappoint! It was easy to apply, erased my dark circles, and didn't fall into the creases! I fell in love with this little gem, and it's already scored a place in my daily routine. Lite Bright concealers are 6 dollars at Walmart.

Baked Bronzer - Tiki:

I bought Tiki since I've seen it raved a few times for being a great highlighter. I'm not a huge fan of highlighters, but I love one! It's a baked bronzer that's really pigmented, even without being applied wet! It's a light champagne colour, and is absolutely perfect as a highlighter. It reminds me a lot of the High Beam from Benefit, except I like this better! It's a little expensive at 10 dollars, but there's so much product here that I don't even mind the price tag!

Fox in a Box - Spicy and Sweet:

 I was a little iffy about buying this one too. It's a blush, in a box. Interesting packaging to say the least.. Fortunately, it outshines it's packaging and soars on it's own. It's four different colours that combine into a very warm coral shade. I love coral blushes, they suit me very well, and this is no exception. The colours all compliment each other, and when they are blended out make a wonderful flush to the cheeks.

At the end of the day, I fell head-over-heel for all of them!

I wish little gets like this always had a happy ending, but I can't be that lucky. :)

Thanks for reading~ 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spoiled - Mar-Zi-Panna and Green To Be Heard

Hello again readers~

Spoiled came out with 7 new polishes, and I went and snagged a couple for myself.

Both polishes I got were cremes, and they were both wonderful. They were almost a one-coater, but evened out with two and were absolutely wonderful for me. Not too much trouble, and the formula was really good.

Mar-Zi-Panna is an aqua creme. I know there's a bad knick right on the ring nail, but there was a hair stuck to it and I pulled it away, and I didn't notice it was so bad until I put the photos on my computer. Clean up was a little tricky though.

Green To Be Heard is an absolutely gorgeous green creme. This polish does stain, so be careful!

I was really impressed with these, and I managed to strike two polish colours off of my wishlist. :)

Thanks for reading~

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sephora Birthday

Hello again readers~

I found this little bugger stuck in the archives! 

When I was in Vegas, I was able to go to one of the Sephora's on the strip, to get my Birthday gift. I also bought myself a mini-glass nail file for my bag, but that was just for me. ;)

You get a free little gift with a  highlighter, and a mascara! I was really excited to get this, since I don't get many high-end products. Ever.

Benefit - Watt's Up Highlighter

A little, creamy highlighter. I like the packaging, it's attention grabbing and sleek. However, I wasn't wild about the product. Watt's Up is a creamy stick that you rub against your skin to highlight your features, and it was problematic. The colour isn't terrible, it's a bright champagne, but I wasn't wild about all of the sparkles.

The stick fell out of the packaging, twice now, and I was a little surprised, I thought it would be packaged better, and when I blend out it didn't do much for me at all. I don't feel like rubbing a lot of this on my face, since it is a cream and kind of gets a little greasy. It was fun to try, but I won't be buying the full-sized product. The full-size of this product is $30.

Benefit - They're Real Mascara 

This was what I was most excited about, since a lot of people really enjoy this mascara. 

I was indifferent.

It added volume, and length to my lashes, even curled them! 

Though there was so many things I wasn't wild about it too... First off, the brush hurts. The bristles are stiff plastic, that are great for separating the lashes, but not great for closer to the lash line. I can't get close to the base of my lashes without jabbing myself in the eye/skin at the lash line. It's not pleasant, and though I can get over it, I don't like that it has to happen in the first place.

Secondly, it smears. Throughout the day, I'll find black smudges by the outter corner of my eye, and on my lower lashline. 

I don't mind layering a waterproof mascara over it, but the full-size of this product is also really steep in price ($23), and I don't see myself buying it for myself. It was good to try, and aside from those flaws I like the formula.

Thanks for reading~

E.L.F. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick - Midnight Rendeivous and Forest Nymph

Hello again readers~

I enjoy jumbo eye pencils, they're great on their own, or as a base for your eyeshadows. They're versitile, and easy to use! E.L.F. launched their own line of them, in a variety of different colours. Me being me, I picked two of the darker ones for myself.

Midnight Rendeivous is a black with silver and gold shimmer. It looks really good in the tube, but I hated it on my skin. It wasn't very pigmented at all, and needed a bunch of swatches to get a decent colour pay-off. It was more of a grey-black then a true black.

Forest Nymph is a warm, coppery brown with shimmer. I liked this colour better, and it applied easier.

Aside from the colour differences, they both performed the same:

I can list the pros and cons right now:

-Some of the colour choices are pigmented
-Easy to apply
-Twist-up applicator, so you don't need to sharpen
-Cheap! $2

-Don't blend out, or they'll fade
-They fade under two hours
-They crease like CRAZY! Even with a good primer!
-Some of the colours aren't very pigmented
-They smell weird, and not in a good way at all

Overall: 1/5
Not worth your money. Put forward another couple of dollars and pick up a NYX, or even a Milani Jumbo Eye Pencil. These were a good idea, but didn't live up to my expectations at all.

Thanks for reading~

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Forever 21 - Perfect Pigments, Eyeshadow, and Rings

Hello again readers~

I was able to go shopping with my sister when she came back from Europe! I really missed her, and I seem to do so much better when I'm with other as opposed to myself... I only got cologne and another shirt from Rue 21, but other than that I bought everything from Forever 21.

I bought a couple of really amazing rings, a palette, and a single eyeshadow.

I'm a complete sucker for foxes... and the other ring is perfect for subtle defense.

I bought this light brown eyeshadow assuming it was matte, because matte eyeshadows are my favourite.

Unfortunately, it was a satin finish with shimmer. I'm not too terribly disappointed, since I like the colour, I just wish it was matte.

The last thing I bought, was this 6 Perfect Pigments palette. I was sucked in with the black/turquoise duo that just looked so appealing, and the violets.

I wasn't expecting too much, but I was pleased with quite a few of these.

Each pan gives two colours in one, that you can chose from the two, or combine them for a whole new colour. 

All were shimmery/satiny, and some were more pigmented with others. The particular shades I liked best, I put an asterisk by. :)

1. Light Blue - Pigmented *
2.  Light Turquoise - Pigmented *
3. Light Green - Needs build-up

1. Ice Turquoise - Tainted by the black, needs build-up
2. Black with green shimmer - Needs build-up
3. Black - Needs-build-up

1. Blue-Violet - Pigmented *
2. Violet - Pigmented
3. Hot-Pink -Pigmented *

1. Yellow - Pigmented *
2. Coral- Pigmented
3. Violet with Pink undertones - Pigmented

1. Pink - Pigmented
2. Violet-Pink - Pigmented
3. Blue-Violet - Pigmented *

 1. Lime Green - Needs build-up
2. Copper with Green shimmer - Needs build-up
3. Copper - Needs build-up*

Truly, not bad at all for the four dollars I spent on it.

Thanks for reading~