Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ulta Polishes - The Skinny, Whatever Floats Your Moat, and For Bitten

Hello again Readers~
Just a few polishes from Ulta for you today.

The Skinny:

Darkened Navy/Teal polish. Application was okay, applied in two coats. Nothing too overwhelming.

Whatever Floats Your Moat:

Whatever Floats Your Moat is a bright, darkened cobalt jelly polish. I went in for this particular polish. The application was a little difficult, it was a little runny, and needed to be wrapped. I also should have put on another coat too. This polish stains like crazy too...

For Bitten:

For Bitten was another one of those that roped me in! I love chromes like this, and it's a lot like Space Cadet, Beetle, and other polishes we've seen before. It actually shifts more in real life, and the only photo that really showed it was the last one. It's always a shame that they're not so powerful as they look in the bottle, but I never of tired of them.

Thanks for reading~

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