Sunday, July 14, 2013

Forever 21 - Perfect Pigments, Eyeshadow, and Rings

Hello again readers~

I was able to go shopping with my sister when she came back from Europe! I really missed her, and I seem to do so much better when I'm with other as opposed to myself... I only got cologne and another shirt from Rue 21, but other than that I bought everything from Forever 21.

I bought a couple of really amazing rings, a palette, and a single eyeshadow.

I'm a complete sucker for foxes... and the other ring is perfect for subtle defense.

I bought this light brown eyeshadow assuming it was matte, because matte eyeshadows are my favourite.

Unfortunately, it was a satin finish with shimmer. I'm not too terribly disappointed, since I like the colour, I just wish it was matte.

The last thing I bought, was this 6 Perfect Pigments palette. I was sucked in with the black/turquoise duo that just looked so appealing, and the violets.

I wasn't expecting too much, but I was pleased with quite a few of these.

Each pan gives two colours in one, that you can chose from the two, or combine them for a whole new colour. 

All were shimmery/satiny, and some were more pigmented with others. The particular shades I liked best, I put an asterisk by. :)

1. Light Blue - Pigmented *
2.  Light Turquoise - Pigmented *
3. Light Green - Needs build-up

1. Ice Turquoise - Tainted by the black, needs build-up
2. Black with green shimmer - Needs build-up
3. Black - Needs-build-up

1. Blue-Violet - Pigmented *
2. Violet - Pigmented
3. Hot-Pink -Pigmented *

1. Yellow - Pigmented *
2. Coral- Pigmented
3. Violet with Pink undertones - Pigmented

1. Pink - Pigmented
2. Violet-Pink - Pigmented
3. Blue-Violet - Pigmented *

 1. Lime Green - Needs build-up
2. Copper with Green shimmer - Needs build-up
3. Copper - Needs build-up*

Truly, not bad at all for the four dollars I spent on it.

Thanks for reading~

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