Friday, February 28, 2014

Wet n Wild Fergie Shimmer Take On The Day Eyeshadow Primer

Hello again readers!

Here's a product that was so well-loved, that it stepped out of being limited edition, and went right into a permanent spot.

The shimmer primer is packaged exactly the same as the original is in the sleek black tube, only difference is the large 'Shimmer' foil printed onto the side of the tube. If you like to rush in the mornings, make sure to double-check the side if you own both! (I have myself grabbed the wrong primer on a few occasions)

The primer itself is a pink-toned champagne, which my lighting really ate up the pink tones. For a primer, I was surprised how pigmented it was, I was expecting a subtle reflection of light, and I got a flush of colour on top of that! 

This primer also has the same fault as the original: the separation disorder. Sometimes if you don't use this every day (hey, even if you do use it every day), the formula will separate and when you squeeze the tube, it looks like a watery substance comes out first... It's not to be alarmed about, just kind of tap the tube against your hand to re-mix it, but it's still a bit of a hassle, especially if you're running short on time.

Blended out, I can't help but love it. It's good enough that if you really don't have much time, you can just blend it out all over the lid, set it with some translucent powder, and apply some mascara, which is really convenient if you don't want to worry yourself with eyeshadows, but still want colour.

With shadows on top, it really gives an extra illuminating quality to shimmer and glitter shadows, helping them perform better.

I'm not really one for shimmery shadows, so I don't reach for this too often, but I love this primer! I use it with my Profusion Holiday Palettes and Wet n Wild "Walking on Eggshells" palettes, and they just look so much better with that extra boost.

If you're looking to experiment with a shimmer primer, give this one a try. It's inexpensive at $5 dollars, and hey, you might even love it too.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sephora by OPI Polishes - Already Famous and Caught with my Khakis Down

Hello again readers!

Just a couple of old polishes to show off today. These were the Sephora by OPI polish that were discontinued to make room for the new Sephora X polishes. You can still find them at Big Lots shops, though I can't say for certain which ones you can find. It's like an adventure! I had to dig through a bunch of bins to find these.

Already Famous is a very sheer champagne taupe shimmer with glitter mixed in. This was with three coats, and I can still see the nail bed. The formula wasn't terrible, a little runny, but it was so sheer it felt like it wasn't doing much. By itself, it leaves much to be desired, however, I would recommend layering it over a similar colour to boost it. I can see it shining with a little help.

Caught with my Khakis was irresistible, truly. It's a beautiful army khaki green creme. It was a little runny, but I didn't have a lot of problems, just a bit of pooling. It also wasn't fully opaque with one, so I used two coats to even it out. I am so in love with it! I can't help myself around army coloured polishes.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 17, 2014

NYX Butter Gloss Swatches

Hello again readers!

I've added two new butter glosses from the original launch to my collection, Creme Brulee and Peaches and Cream, (have you seen any of the 2014 collection yet? ;) ) and then I realized, I never swatched any of the others!

These glosses are phenominal, they're slick, they retain their shine, give a bit of a tint, and are pretty darn opaque for a lip gloss. These are great and really spice up your lip looks without any real effort behind them. :)

So far, I have 7 (now 8, but that's a new one), and I love them so much! NYX keeps launching new products that I just love with a passion.

Left to right: Creme Brulee, Vanilla Cream Pie, Maple Blondie, Peaches and Cream, Cherry Cheesecake, Peach Cobbler, Cherry Pie.
Creme Brule: Nude Pink.

Vanilla Cream Pie: Soft, bright pink.

Maple Blondie: Peach-toned pink.

Peaches and Cream: Bright, cool-toned pink.

Cherry Cheesecake: Orange.

Peach Cobbler: Warm red-orange.

Cherry Pie: Red.

Overall, I love all of them! Even the ones that are pretty similar. If you haven't tried them yet, I say go for it! You won't be sorry at all!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines' Day

Hello again readers!

This is late, but better late than never! Valentines' Day has come and gone, and once again I was all-on-my-own-y. It was actually really wonderful this year, however.

The best part? I didn't even leave my house! I didn't have a date, or plans, so instead I just dressed up to have some me-time.

Red-themed makeup for maximum impact, and it was really a great thing that my eyebrows actually ended up looking great! Though, I noticed now my one eye wasn't blended properly. Oops!

And my outfit was as on point as my eyebrows.

Blazer: Rue 21
Warm Bodies Shirt: Hot Topic
Necklace: Forever 21
Choker: DIY
Jeans: Rue 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Got to wear my new shoes! I'm still breaking them in, and I may need to buy some insoles for them, but they are so gorgeous I wish I could wear them all of the time.

Mum also bought me a new blazer for V-Day, and my parents got me a really wonderful card too. :') I was really happy about it.

As for what I really did, I had myself a truly romantic movie marathon with Warm Bodies and My Bloody Valentine. Nothing screams romance like zombies and serial killers.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a lovely V-Day yourselves!

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Polish - New Base Coat and Top Coat Polishes

Hello again readers!

Wet n Wild finally launched some new 'nail care' polishes to their Wild Shine line; Base Coat and Matte Top Coat!

They're about a dollar each, though it's very easy to get them for about 70 cents a piece on sales, so they're really inexpensive, and even the most budgeted beauty lovers can splurge on these.

Base coat:

The base coat is really efficient. It doesn't pool off to the side, and it's fairly easy to apply. The only issue I have is that it takes a while to dry, which for me, is  bit of a downside. I don't really like doing manicures, so I like when my polishes dry fast. 

However, it dries a little 'stickier', which is great for when you're about to apply the colour to your nails! For a dollar, this is a great product, and I've been using it to do my swatches.

Matte Top Coat:

The matte top coat is pretty good too, for under a dollar. It goes on well, doesn't take too long to dry, and adds a nice top effect. I layered it over China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) below, and it is truly matte, but the shine effect is because of the shimmer that's in the polish.

The only downside I had, is I had to apply two coats to make the matte effect truly even, and it was a little frustrating, but for being so cheap it's not bad.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo Tenacious Teal, Silver Strike, and Inked in Pink

Hello again readers!

I'm still working on collecting all of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I just can't get enough of them! I have three more from the permanent shades to show you! (Which leaves about 12 others that I don't have... it's a never-ending battle apparently!)

Silver Strike and Tenacious Teal

Silver Strike is a bright silver metalic shade. It went on with minimal problems, and didn't take too much product to be opaque. I can see this as a great base shade, or for a quick all-over-the-lid look.

Tenacious Teal is a bright blue with a slight amount of green. It's really more of a blue than a teal, however.  It is one of those that looks fantastic, but  needs patience to work with. You have to add a few layers to really get a bold colour, and to get it even.

Inked in Pink

Inked in Pink is a fantastic dusty pink metalic shade. I fell in love at first swatch. This is one of the shades that is incredibly pigmented, with only a little bit of product applied.

I'm always so incredibly impressed with the Color Tattoos, and getting a  new one for my collection is like Christmas. I can't rave about them enough, because of how wonderful I think they are. They work great, are budget friendly, and can do multiple jobs with just a little bit of product.

Thanks for reading!

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Summer Collection

Hello again readers!

It's time again for another Throwback Thursday! 

When the summer collection of the Maybelline Color Tattoos launched, I only picked up two from the collection. I didn't want to spend more money on the others since I wasn't in love with them. Some of them are chrome shadows, and others just have high shimmer that really pop at you, but I didn't instantly fall in love with any of them besides Waves of White and Seashore Frost.

However, I saw that they were at Big Lots for a dollar, I just had to get them! (Which is how my little obsession truly started...).

Now presenting the last six shades in the collection.

Precious Pearl

Precious Pearl is a cream white with shimmer. I'm not the biggest fan of white shadows, ever, and aside from highlighting I don't really reach for them, but this is a nice subtle colour. I can see this as a browbone shade, or right in the inner conner. It's more like a sheer wash of colour than anything else.

Icy Mint

Icy Mint is a sheer mint shimmer. I'm always drawn to mint colours, even though I can't always pull it off, but I did pass this up the first time. Even being swatched for myself, I'm still not blown away. It's not that incredibly pigmented, and it's not really something that I could see myself wearing often at all.

Cool Crush

Cool Crush is a light, blue silver metallic. I liked this more than I thought I would. The pigmentation is really nice, and with a darker grey this would make a great smokey eye shade.

Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores is a bright yellow shadow with green duochrome. I was really surprised with this one, truly I was. I'm not the biggest fan of yellow, since it makes me look really sick, but this one just sort of stole my heart a little bit. 

Blue Paradise

Cool Crush is a darker blue-silver colour with a periwinkle shift. It's really unique, and I was kicking myself a little bit for not picking it up sooner. (Though, I guess I'm glad I didn't since I saved a little over four dollars by waiting...) 

Lavish Lavender

Lavish Lavender is a dusty lavender with heavy shimmer. This one stole my heart and ran away with it, and was my biggest bummer that I didn't pick up first round. Out of all eight of them, this is my second favourite (Seashore Frost is my number one), and this is one I can see wearing a lot.

From left to right: Precious Pearl, Sandy Shores, Icy Mint, Cool Crush, Blue Paradise, and Lavish Lavender
Layered over black, some of these really bring a new twist (the duochromes), though the rest I prefer on their own. These shades are pretty wonderful, and even the ones I wasn't overly impressed with I can see using in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow - Glistening Garnet

Hello again readers!

This was my very first of the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. They range anywhere from about 6-8 dollars, so they're a little on the pricey side of drugstore eyeshadows. I was really happy I snagged this for a little under four dollars, and couldn't wait to take it home.

Glistening Garnet is a berry-pink shade with a metallic finish. I really like how the shade is, because wearing it all-over-the-lid and in the crease is a bit like wearing Wet n Wild - Nutty. It adds depth right where it should be, and highlight right where it needs to.

And swatching it, turned out to be pretty incredible. At first, I was a little bummed, because of how sheer it was. To get any colour payoff, I either had to apply layer after layer, or I had to apply wet, and that's where I'm a little wishy-washy with my thoughts.
On the one hand, it works for adding just the right amount of sheer coverage, which makes this product good for blending out. On the other hand, to get any impactful pigmentation, I'd need to apply this wet, and I'm not such a big fan of foiling shadows.

I'm content with how the colour is, and it gives you a great one-shade look that all you really need is a bit of water to make it POP. 

I'm pretty curious how some of the other shades fair, and I'm dead-set on getting Iced Latte and Bronzed Taupe.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Spam - Nail Polishes

Hello again readers!

I have a lot of polishes to show you all, so strap in and enjoy!

Revlon - Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a charcoal base polish with gold and green glitter. I bought this forever ago on clearance for under a dollar, and never got around to swatching it. It applies in two coats, and the formula is a little on the runny side. 

Finger Paints - Colorful Collage

Colorful Collage is a clear base loaded with chunky holographic glitter. It was a little hard to get them spaced out, since they wanted to clump together, but it was easy enough separating them again. This is just one coat over Sinful Colors - Coffee.

Finger Paints - Bombshell

I keep finding the Peridot dupes everywhere, and I finally picked one up just to have one. Bombshell is a gold/green duochrome. It shows the brushstrokes, which is always a little bummy, but it applied well.

Spoiled - Champagne Siren

Champagne Siren is a gold glitter suspended in a clear base. This is packed with glitter, but not enough to wear on it's own. This polish is a great one to have to just "fancy" up your manicure. Adding a little touch of glitter to spice it up.

Maybelline - Color Show - Ageless Olive

Ageless Olive is a grey-green polish with little silver flakes throughout. I love mattes, but you definitely need a ridge filler to make them look good. I love this polish, however, and it was just gorgeous, so when I saw it when I was out with Ani? I couldn't resist! It applied in just two coats.

Salon Perfect - Shocked

I actually returned this, so I don't have it worn on the nail, but Shocked is made up of hot pink and blue glitter in a clear base. You can wear it over a colour, or on it's on with three coats. I did four to be safe. It would need a couple layers of top coat to be smooth, since it's gritty to the touch otherwise.

Salon Perfect - Kaboom

Kaboom is a neon green and blue glitter suspended in a clear base. It's a dupe of Floam, so i you want to save a few dollars this is a good alternative. It applies with three coats, four to be safe, or layered over a colour. It also needs a couple layers of top coat if you want it smooth, otherwise it will be gritty.

Orly - Matte FX - Green Flakie Topcoat

Orly Matte FX in Green Flakie Topcoat is something I'm really glad to have in my collection. It's a nice blue-themed flakie, that is said to dry matte. I think it dries more of a semi-matte, since it still looked so shinny! I tried one coat over Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See, and over Maybelline Ageless Olive.

Essie - Skirting the Issue

One of the many shades I just can't get enough of - blood reds. Essie - Skirting the Issue, is a beautiful blood red jelly. This is with three coats, and as you can see, you can still see some nail tips/gunk. Yuck! I think this is a fantastic polish for jelly sandwiches, but I don't see myself wearing this on it's own.

Funky Fingers - Jawbreaker

After seeing Pretty in Polished's version of Jawbreaker, I was itching for one for my collection. Lucky for me, I found an almost-dupe with Funky Fingers - Jawbreaker. It's a fantastic polish, that wears alone with just three coats. Packed with colourful glitter that just makes you think of candy, it's a wonderful polish to have. I even bought one for my sister!

Charlotte Russe - Periwinkle

Periwinkle is actually not the name of this polish. Charlotte Russe doesn't have names for their polishes, or even colour numbers, so I had to name it myself. However, 'nameless' as it is, this is a wonderful polish. It applies in two coats, dries pretty quickly, and didn't give me any problem. I also really love the bottle as well. 

Thanks for reading!