Saturday, December 31, 2011

December's Top 5

Hello again readers, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!~

I was really hoping to get this done before 2012, but since I only had two minutes, and I had to get downstairs, I had no time.


1.) Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer: This is great for winter. Not only does it leave my skin feeling soft, it helps with acne, works as a primer, and mixed with foundation, creates a beautiful alabaster tone. So many uses in this one product.

2.) Essie Nail Polish in Shine of the Times: I love this nail polish! It's my first flakie, and looks amazing over single tone nail polishes (especially black!). Absolutely gorgeous, and like fire on my nails.

3.) Wet n Wild I Matte Palette: I didn't love this at first, but it really did grow on me. I can do anything from a smokey eye, to simply highlighting my eyebrow bone, and a bit of wild makeup looks too. It really has grown on me.

4.) Softlips Chap Stick in Cucumber: Also a must have for winter, especially since I'm one that bites her lips. It helps lips feel so soft, and supple, and juicy. It smells soft, and works well.

5.) Skin Milk Body Lotion: And finally, the final must have. The soft vanilla scent is wonderful, and not too overwhelming. It leaves skin feeling so incredibly soft and silky.

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Aussie Hair Product Reviews

Hello again readers~

Today I'm reviewing four Aussie products that I have been using.

  • Aussome Volume Gel Spray
  • Catch the Wave Mousse
  • Hi Hold + Hi Shine Hair Spray
  • 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
I generally like Aussie products because they smell amazing, and they aren't that expensive at all, though I thought I would review them so you can see what I really think about the products I own.
Hi Hold + Hi Shine Hair Spray


  • Holds hairstyle in place all day
  • Holds even in humidity (but not in rain!)
  • If too much product is put in one place, it can become crunchy
  • It's easy to go overboard since the product comes out so smoothly

I don't like when it ends up getting crusty, but for keeping hair in place all day, it works wonders.

Aussome Volume Gel Spray


  • It gives me the right amount of volume so my hair doesn't fall flat


  • Since it is a gel, you have to be really careful since it's sticky when it's wet


I do like this product, my hair has a lot of volume farther down, but not around the roots. This product gives my hair the right amount of volume so it's easier to create an edgy look. I do not like how sticky this can be though, which reflects my rating.

Catch the Wave Mousse

  • Instant gratification. Run it through damp hair, and you can instantly see the piecy affect
  • Makes hair look wavy, as if you just walked out of the beach.

  • It does make hair a bit crunchy, but is easily dealt with if you blow dry it, or if you simply run fingers through your hair


I love this! My hair is wavy on it's own, but the waves always end up uneven. With this, I can control how my waves look, and it just makes my natural waves look even better. All you have to do is put it in your hair, style it like scrunching hair in your palms, and it looks amazing.

3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

  • It's easy to use, just put enough conditioner to cover your hair, like regular conditioner and leave it in
  • Leaves hair smelling great, soft, luxurious, and really healthy
  • Also gives hair a shine
  • The effects last for a long while (my hair is still soft and it has been two weeks!)
  • Perfect for those who use hair dryers, curling irons, curlers, or straightening irons constantly.
  • None!

This product did exactly what it claimed to do, and it really is a 'miracle'. This lasts a long time, and for the price, it's amazing. It's a must have for me, since I straighten my hair often.

Thanks for reading~

Sunday, December 4, 2011

November's Top 5

Hello again readers~

It's that time of the month again: November's Top 5!

November's Top 5:

1.) Mint Teddy Bear Sweater:
I got it from my grandmother and I love it! It fits, it's cute, it's one of my favorite colors, and it just looks so cute on! It's something that I'm going to be wearing often in the winter.

2.) Jordana's Eyeliner in Black: An eyeliner I always go back to. Goes on smooth, it's soft to apply, makes smudged looks amazing, and a great go-to for tight-lining!

3.) Love and Beauty Lipstick in Coral Pink: Perfect for my skin tone. Not too dark, and not frosty either. Compliments it well.

4.) Little Twin Stars Charm: I got this when I went shopping with Anita last, and she has the pink one. Makes me really happy when I see it ,or hear the bell jingle, because I instantly think of her.

5.) Wet n Wild Baked Eyeshadow Palettes: I know I have said this before, but I love baked eyeshadows! They are amazingly pigmented, go on amazingly, last all day, look beautiful, and last in the pan for a really long time!

Thanks for reading~


Christmas at Silver Dollar City~

Hello again readers~

When we went to Branson, it was really nice. We went straight to Silver Dollar City, and it was raining! It was so cold, I was wearing my two jackets, plus my heavy coat! It was really miserable. :( We went to see 'A Christmas Carol' at the Opera House theater in the park, and it was lucky timing, because as soon as we got out, we were dried off, and it wasn't raining anymore! It was still really cold though, and of course the rest of the night went wonderfully so fun times were had!

This was taken after we got out, while we were waiting for the Christmas parade. It was an 'accident shot' but those are always my favorites.

Then we have Sarah kissing on another figure! Always a new one every time we come down, it's really funny. :)

And then me posing, because this reindeer was just FABULOUS~

We went afterwards to do our tradition of icing cookies! These cookies though are SO sugar packed, that I can usually only eat one, and Sarah takes a bite out of hers and never eats the rest. I end up eating both of them myself. ^^;;

Sarah put green icing on my nose! Haha She was nice enough to wipe it off for me since I couldn't get it all myself.

The tree that stands closes to the entrance of the park! It's so tall, and it changes colors! The only thing I regret about this trip, is that it was too cold for iced beverages, and that we weren't able to see the light show for the tree. :(

And a few of the trees that were decorated for the Christmas season in the park~

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