Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas at Silver Dollar City~

Hello again readers~

When we went to Branson, it was really nice. We went straight to Silver Dollar City, and it was raining! It was so cold, I was wearing my two jackets, plus my heavy coat! It was really miserable. :( We went to see 'A Christmas Carol' at the Opera House theater in the park, and it was lucky timing, because as soon as we got out, we were dried off, and it wasn't raining anymore! It was still really cold though, and of course the rest of the night went wonderfully so fun times were had!

This was taken after we got out, while we were waiting for the Christmas parade. It was an 'accident shot' but those are always my favorites.

Then we have Sarah kissing on another figure! Always a new one every time we come down, it's really funny. :)

And then me posing, because this reindeer was just FABULOUS~

We went afterwards to do our tradition of icing cookies! These cookies though are SO sugar packed, that I can usually only eat one, and Sarah takes a bite out of hers and never eats the rest. I end up eating both of them myself. ^^;;

Sarah put green icing on my nose! Haha She was nice enough to wipe it off for me since I couldn't get it all myself.

The tree that stands closes to the entrance of the park! It's so tall, and it changes colors! The only thing I regret about this trip, is that it was too cold for iced beverages, and that we weren't able to see the light show for the tree. :(

And a few of the trees that were decorated for the Christmas season in the park~

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