Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gets, and reviews

Hello again readers~

It was a crazy past couple of days! Thursday night, Akira ate! Though, he REFUSES to eat the fish flakes (his usual diet) and will only eat the beta pellets, so that was easy... 

Though today he's been doing well. He's been eating regularly, and has been responding to my voice again, and has been swimming! Just yesterday, he barely got off the pebbles on the bottom, and today he's swimming all over the place. It's a wonderful change. :)


Wet n Wild Baked Palettes in: Baked, Not Fried, Bake-Off Contest, and Baking a Cake, and Wet n Wild I ♥ Matte palette.

Ohhhh it flipped my photo to the right! But here are the swatches of Baked, Not Fried and the accompanying eyeliner! I was pleased, since this a great shimmer palette in neutral tones. Applied in pairs, top is dry, bottom is wet.

Swatches of Bake-Off Contest and the accompanying eyeliner. Each is sectioned into pairs, the top is applied dry, and bottom is applied wet.

Swatches of Baking a Cake and the accompanying eyeliner. Applied in pairs, top is dry, bottom is wet.

Now for the review!

I love how when applied wet, the pigmentation is just glamorous and incredibly amazing, even without the use of a primer. The eyeshadows are silky, and glide on smoothly.

Baked, so can be applied easy wet, or dry
- Looks AMAZING applied wet
- Affordable (5 dollars for 6 colors)
- The eyeliners suit the palettes well

The palette lids aren't attached to the palette, so it takes some effort to open and close the palette.
- The palettes don't come with brushes, or makeup sponges.

Overall: 4/5
I love the colors, I love the palettes, though the lids and the lack of brush/sponges is a hassle, they are still so great. Made up my mind that baked palettes are my favorite.

Swatches of I ♥ Matte. Left dry, right wet.

I did like this palatte, though the black was a let-down. I was hoping for a more carbon black, and it's more of a really dark brown-black shade. The blue, violet, and the neutral colors blew me a way, and the green is also sort of a let down as well.

When applied wet, is really pigmented
- Many shades to choose from
- Easy to obtain
- Cheap (5 dollars)

It says 'matte' but some of the shades have a slight shimmer to them, so it's not a true matte.
- The black color is a let down.
- The white is really chalky.

Overall: 4/5
This is a good pallete for the money I spent on it, and it is very versatile!

Today was pretty relaxing, though I did a lot. My parents took my sister and I to the mall, and to lunch~

First off: The mall~

Got these sweaters are Rue 21 for $7 each! They are perfect for me, and go all the way to my bum, so it's the style that I like, and colors I like too!

I kept trying to tell myself to stay away from printed T's, but who am I kidding? While at J C Penny's, I got a 'vintage' Batman shirt, a Pikachu shirt, and a Disturbed shirt!

And at Hot Topic, I got the "Welcome to Boo-tiful Newark, NJ" 10th anniversary t-shirt, THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK! You heard me right, it glows in the dark, and is something that I wanted since it was released, and my mother gave me the okay, so while she was buying Cardinal shirts with my sister, my father and I went to get it. I love it, so so so so so much!

Then we went to Sally Beauty. I was just going to get two nail polishes, but since my mother wanted a wallet that came free if you bought 3 Finger Paints colors, and Sarah needed me to pick 2 to make that happen, I picked a couple I wanted, and even found an alternative for a polish I wanted!

China Glaze in First Mate, Finger Paints in Where Art Renoir?, Finger Paints in Tiffany Imposter, and Orly in Androgynie, and Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadows in violet and gunmetal.

Close-ups for Orly Androgynie, and for Finger Paints in Where Art Renoir?.

Swatches of violet (left), and gunmetal (right). Dry, sliced, and applied wet.


Tiffany Imposter: A nice polish that applies nicely, needs two coats to apply evenly.

First Mate: A thick polish that was a little hard to work with. Needs two coats for even application.

Where Art Renoir?: A brilliant polish, that glides on easy. Can be applied in two coats, put two on the swatcher for good measure.

Androgynie: Goes on sheer, definitely needs at least two coats for an opaque application, I suggest three.

Thanks for reading!

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