Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October's Top 5's!

Hello again readers~

It's the beginning of November, and that means: OCTOBER'S TOP 5's!

October's Top 5
  1. Biore Blemish fighting Ice Cleanser: I have raved about it so many times, and here I go again: THIS IS MY FAVORITE FACE WASH EVER TO EXIST! You can FEEL it working into your pores and cleaning, and it leaves your skin smooth, soft, and gives it a healthy glow.
2. Hot Topic Blue Nail Polish: A bold pigmented blue creme. It just looks gorgeous!

3. E.L.F. Angled Eyeliner Brush: This made it on my favorites for the second month in a row. I use it almost everyday, and the lines are thin and precise.

4. Aziza Liquid Foundation in Buff Beige: A foundation that is basically made for me! It's a smidge darker than I am, but it's barely noticeable at all! It doesn't have an awful smell, and it doesn't clump up during the day. Great purchase for it only being a dollar.

5. Super Shine Naturalistics in Periwinkle Pearl: A dark blue polish with violet shimmer. Just a wonderful color that's not as dark as black, but goes to the 'dark side' of the nail polish spectrum.

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