Friday, April 29, 2016

Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner

Hello again readers!

I have been holding onto this product since October (I bought it when I was still working at the Haunt!) and I haven't been itching to share my thoughts on it. After working, I stopped using this liner in lieu of other liners that I wanted to use up. Now that I've rotated this back into use, I regret ever letting it go.

This liner was a sort of a "treat". At being $24 a pop, it was something that I was really hesitant on taking the final plunge onto investing in, since before my most expensive liner has only ever been about $10 (and often cheaper, thanks to sales!). 

The packaging was nothing to write home about, it was unnecessarily bulky with the cardboard flap taking up most of the space. I would have preferred a paper insert, or better use of the space on the smaller box instead. Just a waste issue.

Inside the packaging was a plastic tube, and I was surprised to find it came with a brush! The brush is a wooden handle with "gold" metal ferrule and cap for the end of the brush, with a very fine brush tip. The brush has a bit of an angle to it, making it easier to get right against the lash line. The eyeliner is a basic plastic matte black tube, with a gold plastic cap. I really like black and gold color schemes, even if gold has never been my favorite. It looks luxurious without being too over the top.

This liner is unique, in the way that it's dispensed. I was expecting to have to apply the product onto a makeup palette and go from there, but it actually has a dip in the tip to act as a reservoir for product. It's extremely handy, as I NEVER squeeze out too much product (as of yet!). It's always better to use too little and squeeze out more than try to guess how much you need. It doesn't dry up as I'm dipping my brush into the product, which is sweat off my back so I don't worry about the product drying before I can even use it.

The issue I have with the tip, is that it does get dirty with leftover product. I just take a cotton round with a little bit of alcohol (or a q-tip!) and clean it, and also disinfecting it for the next use. It's easy to maintain, just takes a little more effort than some other eyeliners I've ever used.

The product has such a wonderful, creamy consistency. It's not too thick (though it's thicker than anticipated) and it applies incredibly easily. It doesn't go on patchy, and it's extremely easy to get a very fluid line on the lid. It goes on with a sort of velvet sheen, and then dries down to a true matte black. I was really impressed with just how matte the product was, it was like having little black holes on my eyelid! It was a little intense, and I loved it.

The liner lasted through an intense testing period. While I was working at the Haunt, I would wear it for at minimum six hours, at maximum 9 hours, and it would still be perfect (or pretty damn close to perfect) by the time I would go to wash it off. That includes sweat/tears/water being thrown at my face/rain/and rubbing at my face in frustration. I was blown away with how great it was. On a regular day (for everyone who isn't dressing up as a murderous doll) it lasts the entire day. Even if I go to rub at my eyes, it'll last through that abuse. If I continuously rub at my eyes it'll start to smear or flake off, which I have come to accept from every eyeliner I try, but through regular wear and tear? It performs fabulously.

The biggest issue I've had with the formula, is the same issue I generally have with products that come in a squeeze tube: the product separates in the tube. It's an easy fix, smacking it against my palm and sort of kneading the tube with my fingers to mix the product. I've only had ONE day where the formula separated, and since then I haven't had any issues with it (and that was because I had it sitting in disuse while I used other liners).

I love this liner, and it hurts a little bit that I love this so much, because that means I'll want to pick up another one when this runs out! Which, is sad for my poor wallet, but good for my makeup looks!

This liner retails for $24, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality, matte black liner.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Pumpkin and Poppy Oak Bark Contouring Powder

Hello again readers!

It's always good to have a lot of options when it comes to makeup, and since I'm a sucker for contouring my cheekbones I like a LOT of options. I've been picking up taupe and grey shades for ages, and this was a product I really wanted to try: Pumpkin and Poppy Oak Bark Contouring Powder.

The packaging is a 20 gram plastic jar, with sticker labels. The front is the logo and the Etsy shop name, while the back has the name of the product, size, and ingredient list. I don't mind the sticker, but I've already started getting it incredibly dirty with use...

The best feature of the packaging, is that it comes with a sifter!! It's wonderful, because you don't want too much product coming out at once. I highly suggest that you keep the sifter only open half way (or closed completely if you store this product on its side!) because it's such a finely milled powder that the powder will come out incredibly quickly if you're not careful.

Oak Bark is a cool taupe that's perfect for creating subtle shadows that look natural on the skin. If you apply more layers, you can build up the color, but I really enjoy how it makes my cheekbones look with just a small amount. It's incredibly easy to blend too, making it a pleasure to work with.

Make sure to tap off the excess off your brush, because there's been a few times where I neglected to do so, and found myself with a bold line running down my cheek.  It's always better to add more and blend as you go, rather than add too much.

The biggest downside to this product, is that it's not readily available. You can't just go to the drugstore and buy one, you have to order it online and wait. For those who are impatient, it might not be worth it for you (especially if you like instant gratification), but if you can manage to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive, I can assure you that you'll enjoy it.

The other downside, was actually rectified... Sort of. While Oak Bark is amazing for those with fair to light skin tones, everyone else seemed to be left in the dust, as it could definitely make someone look ashy if they were medium to deep skin tones. Pumpkin and Poppy formulated a new Midnight Oak powder, that caters to light to medium skin tones. A step in the right direction, sure, but for those who have a deep skin tone, there is still not a suitable powder available. So for that, I will indeed count it as a con.


You can purchase Oak Bark here for $9.25. It depends where you are, since shipping fluctuates. I calculated what the shipping would be for me, and it was about $2.75, making the product a total of $12. When I bought this, it was $8.75, so they raised the price by 50 cents, which isn't a big deal. I'm a really big fan of this product, and I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Essence Liquid Lipstick and Pure Nude Foundation

Hello again readers!

I picked up two new Essence products while walking through Target with my boyfriend, and I was really interested in trying them out. A new foundation that's supposed to feel like you're wearing nothing, and a new liquid lipstick? Sign me up!

Essence Pure Nude Make-Up - 10 Pure Beige

The packaging is alright. I'm not a huge fan of plastic packaging that's suppose to allude to the product inside. I would much rather see a clear plastic, so I can see for myself how light (or how dark) a foundation is before I even buy it. The packaging is also really cheap looking. Really, I'm just not a fan of packing that looks like this, since it looks like makeup that a child would play with. You know the toys I'm talking about, the ones without any actual makeup in it, so they use colored plastic to color code what a "product" should be. (Of course, in this day and age the look of toy makeup is becoming more advanced. Lucky kids!)

The most amazing feature of this product is that it comes with a pump! I wish all liquid foundations came with a pump, it's just something that makes the most amount of sense. It's hygienic, easy to distribute product, and it doesn't waste as much product. I'd much rather put one pump of foundation onto my palette (or back of the hand!) than tip over the container and try to pat out some foundation.

Pure Nude Foundation after oxidizing for one hour
I picked up the lightest available shade: Pure Beige. It was dreadfully dark, well, for me. This would be better suited to someone like my sister, when she's between being pale and being tan, but for me who tends to stay pale throughout the year, I just don't have a use for a shade such as this. To fix this issue, I just added in two pumps of Manic Panic Dream Tone. It did not change the consistency, but it made the color wearable.

I wasn't too pleased with the foundation. It applied well, and looked amazing: at first. Within four hours I was a greasy mess. My skin looked terrible, like I accidentally covered my entire face in highlighter. The foundation broke up in different places all over my face; my nose, my chin, my forehead, and my cheeks! I rarely have a foundation that holds so poorly on my skin that it breaks up on my cheeks. It was such a disappointment because I did like how it looked on my skin upon initial application, but I just couldn't bring myself to overlook such a glaring issue.

It also clung to dry patches. I don't generally have dry patches, but when I do I always notice when a foundation performs this way. It's a foundation that I wouldn't recommend if you have a very oily skin type, nor would I recommend it if you have a very dry skin type. This would be best with combination skin types, in theory.

The last issue I have with this foundation, is that it comes in three shades. All that cater to pale white people. Frankly, it annoys me that I can't find a shade that suits me, but it creates a burning rage when I can't find a shade that won't suit someone with more than a light tan from a tanning salon. Do makeup companies never walk outside? Do they never interact with other people in their lives? There is obviously a lack of foundations for people of color, and makeup lines like this are the reason why. With just three shades? Come on, get with the program.

The Pure Nude Foundation retails for $5.

Essence Liquid Lipstick - Beauty Secret

I picked up one of the new liquid lipsticks too. The packaging for this one reminded me a lot of the Maybelline Lip Elixers that came out ages ago. This one also has a color-coded cap. I picked the most neutral one available at that particular Target, just to give it a try. The worst part about the packaging, is that while it felt cheap, it really was. I don't know how it happened (perhaps I dropped it?) but the plastic chipped on one of the corners, and I only had it for a week!

The applicator is the most interesting part of the product. It's not a standard doe foot, but rather it has more of a tapered edge. I'm assuming it's so you have two sides with product that you can flip over and get both lips without having to continuously having to dip the applicator back into the packaging for more product. I found that I had to do so anyway, so this design wasn't the best.

I bought Beauty Secret, which was a nice, neutral pink shade. Not too warm, and not too cool. This is a pink shade that I do enjoy wearing on the lips, because the color is very nice on me.

Now, I want to start this off with the fact that just because it says "liquid lipstick" does NOT mean that it must be a liquid to matte lipstick formula! I was assuming it'd be much more like a Rimmel Apocalips lipstick where it would be shiny, and creamy.

No, this lipstick was none of these things. It came out shiny, and sheer. I put one layer, and while the color was there, it wasn't much of an impact. In some places it was streaky, so I had to dip the applicator in the tube to even it out.

This "lipstick", is really just a pigmented gloss. It's not like my much loved NYX Butter Glosses, no. It's a sticky mess! I hate sticky glosses with a passion, while I know some people really enjoy the feeling of them. When I'd press my lips together, and pull them apart, strings of "lipstick" would follow. It wasn't attractive, and gave unnecessary texture to the overall look. This didn't wow me, this didn't even make me satisfied with my makeup. This was just an awful product, that made me take it off just as soon as I put it on.

The Liquid Lipstick retails for about $3.50. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you're a fan of sticky lipglosses, to be honest.


Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color - Daffodil

Hello again readers!
I was really hyped up with the new Hard Candy releases for 2016. Hard Candy has never been my favorite, but they do have some really amazing products in their collection, and they just knocked out one of their latest releases right out of the park.

The Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colors all come in their own individualized tins. There are seven shades in the entire range.

The inside of the tins are a lot nicer than I was expecting. The container has a plastic insert with a sort of velvet feeling material to hold the lipstick. The lid has a full mirror. Look at the size of that thing! It's much bigger than I was expecting! It's incredible if you take the entire tin with you, and use the mirror for application. Although, I won't be doing that myself as I like to just throw one or two lip products in my purse to avoid taking up too much space.

All of the information is printed on a sticker in the back of the tin. Actually, in store, you can open the tins to look at the color more accurately. The downside, is that it's incredibly easy for people to reach in and just pluck out the product, since it's held in by a piece of thin plastic, and two pieces of tape. It's easy to tell if it's been tampered with, however, so finding a lipstick that hasn't been broken into is easy (also sometimes frustrating).

The tube is a sleek, slim tube, much like the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks. Same idea, except where the Hourglass has more opaque packaging on the pack, Hard Candy is completely clear, and the metallic cap is silver, rather than a taupe violet shade. It's slim, which would make reaching for more product more difficult in the future.

The applicator is strange. It's very long, and slim. It has two flat sides, and a more pencil-thin appearance on the edges. It's so easy to use the pencil side to line the lips, and use the flat sides for an even distribution of color. I was awed with how much I liked this applicator, as it wasn't difficult to get the hang of at all.

Daffodil is a very warm-toned beige nude. It pulls a little more orange than I prefer, but it still looks incredible. 

The wear time is impeccable, I get about 6 hours before I notice any significant wear. The feeling on the lips is extremely comfortable, and this product doesn't dry out the lips.

Really, it applied just like the Hourglass lipstick did, but it wore so much better. It was very moisturizing, and didn't flake off. I noticed wear more on the inner rim of my lips, and it was made worse if I were to eat something greasy, or if I drank a lot.For a lipstick that's only $6, outperforming a $28* (*for a full size) lipstick was a great breath of fresh air.

The shade range isn't that great, to be honest. There's one nude, a few pinks, a couple reds, and a couple of darker tones. It's very sad, because the formula is incredible, but there aren't enough choices to really make these to die for.

If there's a color you like, go for it, I'm sure you wont' be disappointed. I might pick up one more (Dahlia), but I'm not interested in the other shades.

This lipstick retails for $6 for .23 oz.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 15, 2016

MUA Lip Colors

Hello again readers!

I wanted to talk about the rest of the goodies that my mate Jess sent over. I was so incredibly thankful that she took the time to hunt down the MUA lip products that I wanted to try, in the shades that I figured would work for me. All of that effort for little old me, I was moved to giggles because I was just so excited to tear into the packaging and try them out for myself. Some I loved, some where okay, so let's dig in, shall we?

PowerPout Acrylic in Wondrous

The first in the line up is the MUA PowerPout Acrylic in Wondrous. Now the packaging is sort of strange in a way. Instead of a typical round container, it's more like a rectangular shape. I don't mind it, but unless I'm keeping it one of my insert storage containers, it makes it a little bit of a hassle to store. It's just a little strange, but not a huge deal. It's not the outside that counts, but the inside... right?

The product uses a typical doe foot applicator. I really like this method (because let's be honest, sometimes a doe-foot just doesn't do the product justice as it can wipe off product you just laid down) for this formula, since the formula is rather pigmented and almost a wet consistency.

The color is one of those nudes that I really love; a warm toned beige pink. I can't get enough of this shade (as most of the shades I chose to try are almost the same, just different formulas!) so it wasn't a disappointment. It applied evenly in one go, and spread over the lips without any issues at all.

The formula was really nice. I was expecting this lipstick to slide all over my lips, leave the lip line, and just become a big ol' mess, but...that never happened. True, it transferred if I drank something, and would smear off if I ate, but just from general wear and tear, it wasn't bad at all. It faded evenly, and wore for about two hours before I noticed that it wore down significantly. For a lipstick that's such a creamy formula, I was expecting it to fade within an hour. Major props for this one.

The product smells like cake... a chemical cake. It has a scent like pefume meets a bakery. It's not an offensive smell, and I rather like it, but it's not like a pure cake scent (like how the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams smell like cake, and then... something else). It's one of those things that I like that they at least tried to make it smell sweet instead of minty (which is my #1 hate for lip products).

The MUA PowerPout Acrylic retails for £3.50 (about $5) for .16 oz, and I suggest picking one up and giving it a try.


MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Luster

Luster was the wildcard. I didn't have anything else like it in my collection, and it was just so much fun that I had to have it! The lipstick is packaged in a square container with a gunmetal grey metallic lid. It's very "luxe", and looks really expensive, which I like.

The applicator is a standard doe foot, though I'm curious how it'd look if it was applied with a brush applicator instead.

Lustre is a very beautiful neutral metallic shade. It has a bit of silver and taupe in it, making it a very unique shade. It really reminds me of the frosty/metallic lipsticks from the 90's! Really stoked to have this in my collection.

I wore this out when I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and while it didn't last through the entire movie (well, some of it did), it got me to the theater and to my seat without any issue. I find that this lasts me about 2 hours before I need to reapply, but when it starts fading it's not the most unattractive look (compared to a matte lipstick where if you get inner lip wear, it's really noticeable!) ever, and it's easy to add another layer and go on with my life.

The formula was nice but strange. It applied to the lips easily, and has a slick formula. The weird part about this formula, is that it's in the middle of sheer, and opaque. You can wear this on it's own, and you can see a bit of your natural lip color peaking through when you shift the angle of your face, or you can layer it over other lipsticks for different looks. It can go both ways, and it's excellent.

The scent of this one (perhaps because of the pigment), smelled far less like cake, and far more like chemicals. I don't notice the smell of this one when it's worn on the lips, but that's something to note.

This lipstick retails for £4 (about $5.70) for .23 oz, and I'd recommend this if you liked strange lip colors. I know I'm interested in a couple other shades from this range.

MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet in Spry

I haven't heard many reviews of this, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Would it be matte? Satin? Semi-matte? Who knew! I was just excited to put it all over my lips. This product has a more traditional liquid lipstick packaging, with just a round tube. Easy to store and display.

The applicator is a standard doe foot. I like it for this formula, because honestly if it was a brush, it'd be too overwhelming.

Spry is a warm beige pink nude. When I first swatched this product, I was sure I would hate it. It applied streaky and sheer, and I was so confident that it would be a product I'd try out, and then would never touch again. I was so, SO wrong. This product is sheer, yes, but in such a good way that just works. It adds just the right amount of color to the lips without being overwhelming, and it looks natural. It looks like I'm barely wearing any lipstick at all, it just evens the tones in my lips and makes them look healthy and alive (whereas sometimes my lips are really pale because blood doesn't always want to pump through them properly).

It dries down to a very satin finish, looking more like my actual lips than makeup. On top of that, it lasts for about four hours, as long as I don't eat or drink anything. The formula will transfer if it comes into contact with anything! I was really pleased with how natural and comfortable this product was, and turned out to be a hidden gem.

The formula for this lipstick also smells like cake, which is a good thing for someone like me who prefers sweet scents to their lip products!

This product retails for £3 (about $4.30) for .20 oz, and I'd recommend this product in a heartbeat. 

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer in Tranquility

I was really excited for this one, because I've heard good things about the Velvet Lip Laquers. I picked Tranquility, because I knew I'd at least like the color, if I ended up disliking the formula. The packaging is a standard tube, with a frosted plastic finish and a metallic gold cap. Now this one too, looks luxurious.

This product also has a standard doe foot applicator.

Tranquility is a beige pink neutral shade, that dries down to a completely matte finish. Depending on how much product you apply, will affect the amount of time it will take to dry. The formula has a liquid consistency, making it easy to get a nice, even application all over the lips before it starts to set.

This color wasn't a good choice, in my opinion. It looks nice on me, but it's very light, so you can see every. Lip. Line. It doesn't seem so bad, but this formula is incredibly drying, so you will have a large amount of lip lines that are incredibly noticeable on such a light formula. Did I mention these were drying? Even on me, I found that these could be uncomfortable at times, and I think the ColourPop formula isn't drying! So if you find yourself dreading wearing a ColourPop liquid lipstick, stay far away from this one. I always moisturize before, and after wearing this lipstick.

This product has a stranger scent than the others, not like cake at all, rather it's more fruity. You can kind of smell it if you're doing a duck-lips pose where your upper lip is close to your nose soon after applying, but otherwise I don't smell this at all. It doesn't really linger.

Tranquility retails for £3 (about 4.30) for ... well, to be honest I have no idea how much product you get. I've checked the site, and they don't have it listed. I wouldn't recommend this shade because of the issues I had. I do however want to try a few other shades from this range, so I think I'll give a couple others a try and see how I like them.


Overall, I like all of them. Do I love them all? No, I only really love two of them (Lustre and Spry), but they're all worth a try. They're great quality lipsticks, for a great price! I'm really happy with what Jess sent me, she's a goddess!

Thank you so much for reading!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush - Rose Champagne

Hello again readers!

So many brands have released new products for 2016, and Wet n Wild is no exception. Wet n Wild released SO many new goodies that I'm still trying to keep myself in check. It's so easy to go over-board with "new", but I don't need to buy as excessively as I did when I was first starting out (when I'd buy every color... Goodness).

They relaunched their ColorIcon blushes in brand new, sleek packaging. With a new bonus color: Rose Champagne. Now, I have all of the others, but this one immediately caught my eye, and what better way to give a new relaunch a try, than a color I knew I'd love.

The new packaging is leagues more attractive than the old; a clear plastic window to see the accurate color of the blush, with black plastic "hiding" the unsightly brush.

To be honest, I never keep my brushes to my blush in the packages. I've tried them out, and I don't find them to blend out my blush nearly as well as my blush brushes, so it just ends up making unnecessary noise. Since the brush is also scratchy, it found the way right into the rubbish bin.

Rose Champagne is such a beautiful neutral blush. I was really impressed immediately because when I first got the blush I had to swatch it (which I almost never do, I like to take photos of the blush first... so I conveniently cropped out the corner that I swatched the blush from, for full disclosure) and found the powder to be very finely milled, and incredibly soft to the touch. 

Rose Champagne is a nice neutral pink with gold shimmer. It can be applied lightly for a more sheer look, or layered to look more opaque. It looks really natural on my skin, and I can make it work no matter the look I'm going for (over the top or natural). I was really impressed with the staying power, since it lasted all day on my skin. No surprise, since I really love Pearlescent Pink from the original line.

The only thing I don't like about this product, is the gold shimmer. It adds a nice effect since it looks natural with a nice glow to it, but sometimes I found the shimmer would settle into my pores and it was just not a cute look.

The blush retails for $3, with .2 oz of product. It compares to the original ColorIcon blushes, where they were $3 for .14 oz of product. So, with the new launch, you get more aesthetically pleasing packaging, and more product for your money! I'm really pleased with this change, because these blushes are really amazing in quality, and very affordable.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Garnier Micellar Water - Regular and Waterproof

Hello again readers!

My amazing mate in England, Jess, sent me so many goodies a while back, and I've been pleased to work with them. Tea, lipsticks, palettes, and of course she sent me a travel-sized version of the Garnier Micellar water... only to find out after it got here that they were launched in the US! Ah, what luck, right? It was good though, because I was able to try out the pink, and I went out to buy the blue-capped version too, so now I can come to you with my thoughts on the products.

The bottles are a rather odd shape. They're not like traditional bottles, more like oval shaped. It makes it a little harder to store than I'd like, but I found ways around it. The travel-sized bottle fits perfectly into my medicine cabinet, but the full-size bottle doesn't. It's just.. too high. I found another place for it, but it's a little bit of an inconvenience that I have to put it under my sink or into my little tray on my sink to store it.

They come in two varieties; the pink cap, and the blue cap. The difference, is that the blue cap is used for the easy removal of waterproof products as well as non-waterproof. So, take that in mind if you're interested in trying these out.

You need to shake both before use, but the blue version you have to shake far more to mix up the two different components.

They're supposed to be in place of makeup removal and cleansing, but I do not recommend skipping out on cleansing your skin. I recommend that you use these for easy makeup removal, and then wash your face anyway knowing that your skin is as prepped for proper cleansing as possible.

The caps are pretty ingenious, if I say so myself. They close firmly, but they also have a plastic tab that sticks out of the top, that pushes into the opening to stop ALL liquids from leaking. I was really impressed, as I had my thoughts that surely, it wouldn't keep all liquids from coming out, but I threw it in my overnight back, jumped, dropped the bag, tossed it around while moving around my friend's place, and nothing came out at all! I was really impressed with this feature, as I can safely travel with it without worrying about the cap popping off and leaking all over my stuff.

Now, the best parts about these, is that they're for your ENTIRE face. You can remove your eye makeup, your face makeup, and the makeup from your lips with just one product - no need to swtich between products to get the results that you want. It's such a good bargain.

Now, I can go on and on about how amazing these are, but it won't mean anything unless I show you, right?

I had an assortment of products to try out, from eyeliner, to long-lasting eye shadow, from foundation, to liquid lipsticks, to give it a good go. I didn't think it'd be fair to put these up against powder products, because even shitty makeup removers manage to remove powders.

The products I chose for the demonstration are:

NYX Mousse Liner - Epic Black
NYX  Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner - Pitch Black
Maybelline Color Tattoo - Bad to the Bronze
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick - Tantalizing Taupe
L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation - 101 Classic Ivory
ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick - Mr. Blonde
Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick - Witches

On the left, I'm using the Blue version, and on the right, the Pink version. To remove the products, I did NOT rub my skin hard. I lightly moved the saturated cotton pad with the appropriate version of the cleansing water, and gently moved it over my skin to break down the makeup after holding it to the makeup for a few seconds.

The Blue version removed everything with ease, only leaving a bit of a stain left behind from the eyeliner. I was really impressed with how easy it took the products off, and it didn't require any harsh rubbing to get the results that I want.

The downside of the Blue version, is that it NEEDS to be shaken up before use, as it has a two-step method compared to the pink, and needs more TLC before even using it, and you have to shake it BETWEEN cotton pads, as it separates easily. It also leaves a bit of residue (it says it's oil-free, but perhaps a conditioning residue?) on the skin, so I definitely feel like I have to wash my face after use.


The Pink version removed everything, but the Tres Jolie pencil, Mr. Blonde, and just a little bit of Witches. I could have removed more if I rubbed harder, but the point of this experiment is to show what they can do with minimal effort put forward. This version also leaves my skin feeling the cleanest after use, and on days where I'm just too zombified to go on, I would use this and some astringent/toner and just pass out. It's not as good as removing your makeup and then washing your face, but it's better than doing nothing at all.

The downside of the Pink version, is that it doesn't remove waterproof, or even water-resistant makeup easily. It can be done, but it takes far more effort than reaching for the Blue version.

The best part of the Pink version, is if you're someone who needs to, or feels the need to wear makeup in your daily life, but by the end of the day you're too tired (due to fatigue, mental illness, etc.) that the pink cap is perfect to have sitting on your nightstand, so even if you can't bring yourself to walk off to the bathroom to take off your makeup and wash your face, you can still do both without wasting more energy. You CAN just use this to do both, as it's definitely better than nothing. Hell, if you're just plain lazy, you can do the same thing.


Really, I love both of these for different reasons, and both are worth the money. Depending on your preferences, you'd need to choose which one makes a better option for yourself, but I don't think you'll be disappointed in the products at all. I think they're a fantastic addition to any collection, and I'm so pleased that they're not readily available in the US.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks

Hello again readers!

What seems like ages ago, I made a post of Kat Von D products that I picked up from TJMax and Marshall's, seen here. Well, since then Kat Von D has updated her formula, her packaging, and created new shades! It was like a whirlwind! I've managed to pick up a few different shades, and I've returned all but one. I just... wasn't that impressed with them.

The Lolita Lip Duo had it all, the most recent batch of Lolita, and a new version named Lolita II, that's supposed to resemble the original version. So many people still consider this a Holy Grail lip color, so when the opportunity came to try two versions, I couldn't pass it up. It started my downhill spiral...

The box was excessively huge for what comes inside. It's just the two tubes, folded up into tissue paper, and nothing else. Granted, the tubes aren't gonna be breaking just from being jostled a little, but it's just so strange that the box would be so huge, for something so small.

The tubes are a little less than half of the size of the full-sized versions. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Unless I was wearing one of these every day, I wouldn't ever dream of running out. My lipsticks generally go bad before i end up using up (mostly because I have so many choices, rather than just letting them sit around untouched. I gotta spread the love!), so this wasn't a pro for me since there were two choices in the set.

Lolita is a chestnut rose, while Lolita II is a terra cotta nude. Lolita was a lipstick I would tend to reach for, it's a little darker than a traditional nude, and it's got the right amount of cool tones. However, I have so many like this in my collection (not dupes, but similar) that I don't miss this one. Lolita II was a LOT warmer than I was expecting. It's supposed to be similar to the original Lolita, and while it's nice, it's just not flattering to me, it's far too warm for my tastes.

The set is no longer available, but Lolita and Lolita II are readily available (if they're in stock, that is!) on the Sephora website for $20 a piece. 

Would I suggest them? Well, no. I wasn't a huge fan of the formula, although it's more comfortable it's FAR easier to spread the color around, unfortunately. Lolita II is your safest bet, for now.

The issue I have with the Lolita fame, is that it's such an inconsistent color, and the quality control on this shade is ATROCIOUS. Granted, they had issues with trading in pigments and making them cruelty free, but there have been about 4 versions of Lolita, so it's always a tossup if you'll like it or not, and if you like it, it could potentially change all over again. It's got a cult status, where everyone seems to go crazy for it, but I don't think it's worth it. I would have preferred the brand to take it off the shelves until they re-released it, because it used to be one of my most-wanted lip colors, and quickly fell off due to disappointment.


The new packaging for the new formulation is very similar to the original, but a little longer. It still has a doe-foot applicator, and the new heightened handle makes it easier to handle. Same amount of product, just easier to use. These are the packaging re-designs that I really fall in love with, because it's a small change that makes a big difference.

Witches, is the lipstick I got in exchange for the Lolita & Lolita II bundle, and I  like it much better. It's a black liquid lipstick, which just rang to my heart and I had to have it (only for Friday to be released a month after I got this, boo). Anyway, the formula of this was... a little strange. When it's first applied, it's such a brilliant, dark, deep black. When it dries, it looks a bit more like a charcoal stick, you know, where it's more like off-black rather than pure black. In pictures, it doesn't make a difference, but I can't help looking at the freshly applied swatch and letting out a wistful sigh at what could have been.

Out of all of the liquid lipsticks I've tried from the new formula, Witches is by far my favorite.

Echo was another lipstick that I was desperate to get my hands on. I debated on what to spend my Christmas money on, and I decided on this one. I just loved the color in pictures, and as soon as I could, I ordered it to try for myself... and I hated it.

It was incredibly streaky, taking 3, and even 4 layers of product to become opaque. Even with the multiple layers, if I smiled or talked, it would break apart and show more streaks! It was a nightmare, but I'd put that all aside, if I loved the color... and I just don't. It's supposed to be a navy blue, but I found it to be more like an indigo blue, as it looked purple on my skin (maybe because of the yellow tones of my skin..) and at that point I was just so heartbroken. I would have much preferred a dark blue, instead of an indigo.


Overall, I've noticed that with all four of the new formula lipsticks, have a problem with being streaky, and needing two coats (or more!) to have an even application. My favorite has been Witches, and even then I prefer Friday from ColourPop. Out of the four Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks, I've kept one. ONE. The others were just disappointments for me and I didn't want them in my collection.

Another issue I found across the board with the new formulation, is that they didn't last that long, at least, not as long as the original formula. I found that within about 4 hours, I'd have some wear on the inside of my lips, and if I drank anything or licked my lips, my lipstick would be smeared in places. Also, even though this formula is supposed to be a more comfortable matte to wear, I noticed that it would dry and flake off too, which is an incredibly attractive look. It was difficult to keep in place all day, and touch-ups were a nightmare, because adding more product on top of a crumbling mess was a recipe for disaster, and ill-advised.

There are is exactly one shade that I really want; Bow and Arrow, and that's about it. All of the other shades I'm not really interested in trying out anymore after being so dissatisfied with these. It's such a shame because I know so many people love these products, but they just don't work for me, and don't live up to my expectations in a $20 lip product.

There are other liquid lipsticks I would much rather invest in, instead of more of these.

Thanks for reading!