Monday, April 11, 2016

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush - Rose Champagne

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So many brands have released new products for 2016, and Wet n Wild is no exception. Wet n Wild released SO many new goodies that I'm still trying to keep myself in check. It's so easy to go over-board with "new", but I don't need to buy as excessively as I did when I was first starting out (when I'd buy every color... Goodness).

They relaunched their ColorIcon blushes in brand new, sleek packaging. With a new bonus color: Rose Champagne. Now, I have all of the others, but this one immediately caught my eye, and what better way to give a new relaunch a try, than a color I knew I'd love.

The new packaging is leagues more attractive than the old; a clear plastic window to see the accurate color of the blush, with black plastic "hiding" the unsightly brush.

To be honest, I never keep my brushes to my blush in the packages. I've tried them out, and I don't find them to blend out my blush nearly as well as my blush brushes, so it just ends up making unnecessary noise. Since the brush is also scratchy, it found the way right into the rubbish bin.

Rose Champagne is such a beautiful neutral blush. I was really impressed immediately because when I first got the blush I had to swatch it (which I almost never do, I like to take photos of the blush first... so I conveniently cropped out the corner that I swatched the blush from, for full disclosure) and found the powder to be very finely milled, and incredibly soft to the touch. 

Rose Champagne is a nice neutral pink with gold shimmer. It can be applied lightly for a more sheer look, or layered to look more opaque. It looks really natural on my skin, and I can make it work no matter the look I'm going for (over the top or natural). I was really impressed with the staying power, since it lasted all day on my skin. No surprise, since I really love Pearlescent Pink from the original line.

The only thing I don't like about this product, is the gold shimmer. It adds a nice effect since it looks natural with a nice glow to it, but sometimes I found the shimmer would settle into my pores and it was just not a cute look.

The blush retails for $3, with .2 oz of product. It compares to the original ColorIcon blushes, where they were $3 for .14 oz of product. So, with the new launch, you get more aesthetically pleasing packaging, and more product for your money! I'm really pleased with this change, because these blushes are really amazing in quality, and very affordable.

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