Monday, April 18, 2016

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color - Daffodil

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I was really hyped up with the new Hard Candy releases for 2016. Hard Candy has never been my favorite, but they do have some really amazing products in their collection, and they just knocked out one of their latest releases right out of the park.

The Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colors all come in their own individualized tins. There are seven shades in the entire range.

The inside of the tins are a lot nicer than I was expecting. The container has a plastic insert with a sort of velvet feeling material to hold the lipstick. The lid has a full mirror. Look at the size of that thing! It's much bigger than I was expecting! It's incredible if you take the entire tin with you, and use the mirror for application. Although, I won't be doing that myself as I like to just throw one or two lip products in my purse to avoid taking up too much space.

All of the information is printed on a sticker in the back of the tin. Actually, in store, you can open the tins to look at the color more accurately. The downside, is that it's incredibly easy for people to reach in and just pluck out the product, since it's held in by a piece of thin plastic, and two pieces of tape. It's easy to tell if it's been tampered with, however, so finding a lipstick that hasn't been broken into is easy (also sometimes frustrating).

The tube is a sleek, slim tube, much like the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks. Same idea, except where the Hourglass has more opaque packaging on the pack, Hard Candy is completely clear, and the metallic cap is silver, rather than a taupe violet shade. It's slim, which would make reaching for more product more difficult in the future.

The applicator is strange. It's very long, and slim. It has two flat sides, and a more pencil-thin appearance on the edges. It's so easy to use the pencil side to line the lips, and use the flat sides for an even distribution of color. I was awed with how much I liked this applicator, as it wasn't difficult to get the hang of at all.

Daffodil is a very warm-toned beige nude. It pulls a little more orange than I prefer, but it still looks incredible. 

The wear time is impeccable, I get about 6 hours before I notice any significant wear. The feeling on the lips is extremely comfortable, and this product doesn't dry out the lips.

Really, it applied just like the Hourglass lipstick did, but it wore so much better. It was very moisturizing, and didn't flake off. I noticed wear more on the inner rim of my lips, and it was made worse if I were to eat something greasy, or if I drank a lot.For a lipstick that's only $6, outperforming a $28* (*for a full size) lipstick was a great breath of fresh air.

The shade range isn't that great, to be honest. There's one nude, a few pinks, a couple reds, and a couple of darker tones. It's very sad, because the formula is incredible, but there aren't enough choices to really make these to die for.

If there's a color you like, go for it, I'm sure you wont' be disappointed. I might pick up one more (Dahlia), but I'm not interested in the other shades.

This lipstick retails for $6 for .23 oz.

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