Thursday, February 16, 2012

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer Review

Hello again readers~

Today I bring you a review on an eyeshadow primer. Now, in case you don't know, eyeshadow primers are great for eyeshadows, since it makes the pigment of eyeshadows bolder, keeps the pigment longer, keeps it from creasing, and makes your look last much much longer.

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer Review

The primer comes in a tube like this, with a wand applicator that you can swatch right onto your eyelid. I personally like to dab a bit on my eyelids, and blend in with my fingers to get an even coverage.

This is my makeup I wore today:
Jordana Retractable Eyeliner - Black
Maybelline Falsies Mascara - Black
CoverGirl Eyeshadow - Velvet Mist
Wet n Wild - I ♥ Matte Palette (brown, and taupe shades)

I applied my makeup and finished at 7:30 this morning. I wore it all day (school day runs from 9-1:45), went to my old High School to visit my old art teacher, went home, slept, and woke up and then took this photo. I had my makeup on for 11 hours!

- Works like it is supposed to
- Keeps makeup in place all day
- Keeps makeup lasting
- Brings out pigment
- Super cheap, it's only $1!!
- Easy to get

- The only one I can think of, is that with the way the tube is designed, unless you cut it open you will miss some of the product.
- Doesn't increase the pigment THAT much
- Since I have oily lids it can crease a little

It's cheap, works well, and it's CHEAP. Will be repurchasing over and over again in the future.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cream and Gel Liner Reviews and Comparisons

Hello again readers~

So for the last bit for today, is the comparisons and swatches of Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black, and Wet n Wild Cream Liner in Black!

They both come in containers like this. The Maybelline Gel Liner comes in a sleek container, while Wet n Wild comes in a, dare I say it, wild container, with a rounded top. So it sits upside down, which is good for the product to stay moist on top.

(Photo is after I rubbed at each one over ten times HARD!)

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner

Comes in a stylish container
- Comes with an amazing brush
- Product last a long time (both in the container and on the eyes!)
- Bold pigment (more of a matte color though)

A drier constancy, and you sometimes have to go over it twice, or even three times to make sure you have covered everything.
- Does smear if you rub at it, and will rub off easily.
- Needs an oil based remover to remove fully.

Overall: 5/5
This liner is great! It's not too expensive, but it does breach that $10 cheap limit. The brush is one of the best eyeliner brushes I have used, and gives amazing results every time. The only flaw is that the formula is made a bit dry, so it sometimes needs a bit of touching up.

Wet n Wild Cream Liner

CHEAP! It's only 4 dollars at CVS.
- It's very creamy, which makes it really easy to line the eyes.
- Easy to get to.
- Doesn't rub off very easily.
- Product lasts a long time ( both in the container and on the eyes!)

Doesn't come off easily, and needs an oil based remover to be removed completely.
- The brush that comes with it is not very good at all at distributing the product.

Overall: 5/5
This is one of my favorite liners of all time. It just doesn't budge all day long! It stays where it is at. I don't really like the brush at all though, because all it is good for is tight-lining the upper lash line, but the formula is so smooth and creamy it more than makes up for it.

My pick?
I would go with the Wet n Wild Cream Liner. The results are so much better, the pigment is bolder, and you just can't beat the price of 4 dollars! Plus it lasts you such a long time, even if you wear it every day!

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Wet n Wild Idol Eyes and I-Shimmer Review (Negative)

Hello again readers~

So today I went through lengths to show this review to it's fullest. So here we go~

On the left, is the I-Shimmer in Silver, Idol Eyes in Brown, and Idol Eyes in Black.

- Affordable, about $1.99 a piece.
- Easy to get. Can buy them at any store that sells Wet n Wild products.
- Has a smudge attachment that is great for smokey eyes

- Smudges like no other
- Doesn't last at all (it wore most of the way off within one hour, and that was with it being the back of my hand! Just think about the eyelids...)
- Not a lot of product in it.

Overall: 1/5
Really these aren't worth the money at all. There isn't a lot of product, and it doesn't last at all! The saving point is the cheapness and the fact that it has a built-in-smudge tool.

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Hello again readers~

Just a bit of a break from reviewing, to show off the NOTD~

For the nails, I used Beauty Secrets Base Coat, China Glaze in Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), and China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

I still love this color, even though without a top coat, it dries matte. It's a brilliant bright turquoise color, with shimmer in it that when it hits the light is just brilliant. When you add a top coat to it, it shows off the shimmer so much better, and you get a metallic effect as well.

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E.L.F. Shine Eraser blotting sheets Review

Hello again readers~

So for the next few days, I will be doing a bunch of reviews! So today I'll start with a bunch of them that I have been saving.
E.L.F. Shine Eraser Review

One pack of the E.L.F. Shine Eraser blotting sheets are $1 for 50 sheets! They are obtainable at places such as Target, or K-Mart that sell E.L.F. products.

Easy to obtain
- Super cheap! Only $1
- Blots up extra oil from the face and leaving skin feeling fresh
- Great size for carrying around with you

- May need more than one to blot up all the oil from your face
- Sometimes when you go to pull a single sheet out, it bring out more than one.

Overall: 5/5
I think this product is great. It works how it should, and gives good results too. Even though it's sometimes annoying when more than one sheet gets pulled out, it's a hassle that doesn't even affect how the product works. I highly recommend this if you have oily spots on your face through the day.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

January's Top 5

January's Top 5

I was really hoping to get to this earlier, but I just couldn't decide what my favorite things were! Today I finally did, so hope you enjoy~

January's Top 5:

Orly Nail Polish in Gumdrop:
My all time favorite mint shade! It's not too light, and it's not too dark. The formula is good, even though it's thick, and looks amazing.

Orly Nail Polish in Wild Wisteria:
This is one of my new favorites. It's not black, it's not blue, and it's not violet. It's like a dusty blue-violet shade, and it's just wonderful.

War Paints Nail Polish in Black Light:
I tried looking for nail polish like this before, and it was really expensive, so when I saw it at Hot Topic, it was an instant love. I have still yet to do a nail creation with this, but I can't wait! It's just so wonderful. :)

Maybelline Yellow Corrector Stick:
As of late, my sleep schedule has been even more messed up. Some days I sleep my 'full nights' sleep (5 hours), some days it's normal night (2 hours), and some nights I sleep like people say I should, (8 hours) so the flux is killer on my dark circles. This has come to the rescue like it always has, and brightens up my under eye circles to make me look well rested and refreshed.

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner:
This is still one of my favorite makeup items ever. It can go from making my eyes look huge, to doing thin lines, tight lining, cat eyes, whatever I feel like, and it does stay on all day, and only smudges when I rub at it. It's my go-to eyeliner, and I absolutely love it.

Thanks for reading~