Monday, February 25, 2013

NYX HD Primer and Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - Review

Hello again readers~

This has taken me forever to get a proper feel for, since I wanted to post this as a set, but I've only been using one of these products constantly.

NYX HD Primer and Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

HD Primer:

I will forever say to my grave and back that I still love ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer for my daily looks. It holds up well, keeps my makeup looking fresh, and I loved it.

I decided to switch it up, because I read in numerous places that the HD Primer is a dupe for Urban Decay's Primer Potion (I don't have a P.P. to compare unfortunately). Why not try something new?

The applicator is something I'm used to - a doe-foot wand. It collects a lot of product on it, so one dip is enough to coat both eyes in primer.

I was really pleased with how smooth the product was, and it blended in amazingly.

Once it dries and I apply my shadow, it keeps my shadow in place until I remove it, which is a great thing. I don't worry about creasing, and it keeps my makeup in place.

Is it better than my E.L.F.? I'm still not sure yet. I like them both!

-Inexpensive (7 dollars)
-Lasts me all day
- Keeps my eyeshadow in place
-Convinient applicator
-Sleek packaging

-Takes a moment to set

Overall: 5/5
It's a little more expensive, but I still really like this product a lot. It's creamy, smooth, and locks my eye makeup in place (though it doesn't ward of rubbing).

Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk:

I already know it's 'flawed' in a way. It applies well, can be built up, but once you wear it down you have only two options. Sharpen it or melt it.

If you sharpen it, you loose product. A lot of it.

I just put the shavings into a jar. It's insane how much you lose.

If you don't want the hassle of dealing with the shavings, there are ways to melt the product into a pot, all you have to do is microwave, or blow dry them. (Useful videos found on YouTube :) )

The product itself is amazing. It's pigmented, it's creamy, and makes eye shadows POP. 

It does crease, so I would recommend using a primer and a setting powder to lock it on.

-Cheap at 4.50
- Pigmented
-Blends well

- It's not a twist pencil, so you have to sharpen or melt it.

Overall: 4/5
I don't like how it's not a twist pencil, but I do love the product itself. I ended up buying this instead of the NYX white base, since it was cheaper.

I swatched the blue from the Wet n Wild I <3 Matte palette, over Milk, Primer, and skin.

The milk makes the eye shadow brighter, but the primer makes the eye shadow much more pigmented.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo Metal - Gold Rush

Hello again readers~

I'm really excited about this post. I had it narrowed down to two - Pomegranate Punk, and Tough As Taupe. I was going to do the eeny-meeny method to pick which one I bought, but this little gem stole all of my attention.

Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo Metal
 - Gold Rush

I love the packaging on these. It's glass yes, but they look sleek, and they'd be easy to store, as well as just sitting out on a vanity table.

It's 6 dollars for 4g of product, but it could get as high as 8 dollars at certain shops.

And what a looker it is:

I couldn't choose which image I liked more! It looks like someone melted down gold, and poured it directly into the pot! It's eye-catchingly beautiful, and the shimmer is fantastic. I felt a bit of shame when I went to swatch it, because it looked so smooth in the pot...

I applied the product in two ways; on the left I applied with a brush (two strokes), and on the right I applied and blended it out a bit with my ring finger (two strokes).

I absolutely love the pigmentation. When you apply with brushes, it's a lot bolder, and really packs it on, but with using my finger, the application was a lot softer. I can't choose between the two, and I can see them both ways working for completely different things!

After a few hours and rubbed:

I didn't leave it on my arm all day (and even if I did, it's completely different skin than my eyelids!), but this was after eight hours. The color was still bold, but I lost a little on the packed application done by a brush. I rubbed against it often, and it didn't budge much at all, just some glitter.


-Last a long time
- Can build them up
- Sleek looking container
- Easy to obtain
- Easy to store
- Easy to apply
- Inexpensive


- Takes a few tries to get a hang of them
- I found I have to wait for them to dry, or else I end up with slight creasing. It's a hassle to keep one of my eyes closed for about a minute (and I look ridiculous), but I suppose the end justifies the means

Overall: 5/5

I'm not wild about all of the colours they offer (there's a total of four I like, but only the two mentioned before that I would actually buy for myself) but they have colours that will suit everyone. They're soft, bendable, and last a long time.
I'm glad I finally did get a gold (I was going to get an NYX jumbo pencil but this takes care of that) for my favourite Iron Man look, and this does the job! I hope in the future I'll have pictures of it in action, and not just swatches on my arm, but I'm still working on a proper way to photograph my makeup.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flakie Heaven - NOTD

Hello again readers~

The lighting was horrid for a few days (either I got home too late, or it was cloudy), so it took longer than it should have for these photos, and I already have edge wear.

It was more of an experiment than anything, and it was a success:

Sally Hansen - Night Fright
Essie - Shrine of the Times
Finger Paints - Flecked and Motley

Combined it's like looking into a rainbow. In certain hand angels, you see yellow and violet colours as well, but I couldn't get them to show with other photos I took.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hard Candy Flat to Fab Mascara - Review

Hello again readers~

With mascaras, it's usually it does something for me, or it doesn't help me at all. I'm pleased to say, that this product did something for me.

The mascara comes packaged in a cardboard tube, and it's eye-catching as well. Sleek, metallic violet that draws your eyes to it.

The product is 7 dollars, and can be bought at WalMart.

The tube is similar to the packaging. Sleek, metallic violet. It's slim, and has a decorative design on the cap (which I couldn't find a way to photograph, so I left it out.)

My first impression of this was right after I got home and brushed it through my lashes: whoa.

The brush is an hour-glass shaped design, and at first I was put off by it. It's hard to get all the lashes, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that hard. I used the top portion to go in after I brush it through to catch those little rascals that try to escape.

Does it instantly curl my lashes? Yes.

Does it add volume and length? Yes.

Even better? It doesn't clump very much at all! I don't have much trouble, and when I run into issues, I just run an eyelash comb through it and it fixes right up.

The only downside I really find, is that it occasionally will flake, and is NOT waterproof. At all. Which is a problem when I'm drivng and it's day-time, since sunlight makes my eyes tear up out of reflex.


- Add volume, length, and curl to my lashes, as it claims, instantly.
-Quick to apply
- Can add additional layers quickly after.
-Decently priced for a drugstore mascara.


-The brush takes some getting used to
- Isn't waterproof

Overall: 5/5
I love this mascara. To get extra oomph!, I layer my Maybelline Falsies mascara over it. I reach for this more than the Falsies, and it's a great way to get quick results especially if I'm just going out or to school.

Thanks for reading~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer - Review

Hello again readers~

I recieved the Rimmel London Fix and Perfect primer from a classmate, and I really didn't want to try it myself, but I set aside some time to test it.

 Plastic squeeze-bottle with a twist-off cap. A little inconvinient once you put some primer on your fingers since you'd have to twist the cap back on. A flip cap would have been better.

It's about 8 dollars for 30 mL.
The product claims it smoothes, resurfaces, brightens, mattifies, and protects, but does it really?

First impression: The smell. It has a heavy floral scent which isn't attractive at all. It sits on your skin and you can smell it, and it lingers for a while. Definitely a turn-off.

It's a milky white cream, that blends into the skin... ok. It feels greasy and takes a few minutes to set completely.

First impression (similar to my hand) it looks mattified, though still felt thick. I wore this primer for a week, and it was a week to long.

It made my face look HORRIBLE by the end of the day (this was before I wore my Revlon foundations, so I'm not sure if it would have changed my opinion or not), and my face looked like a hot-mess. I looked like I didn't wash my face in days, which is very unsettling.

Since I have bangs, it didn't hold up, and my bangs had excess face oil, and product attached! Gross! I had to wash my face really well after taking it off, and then I washed my bangs between hair washes to keep them looking fresh.

By the end of the week? I had zits. On my cheeks. It's a big deal, since I almost never break out against my cheek, and I'm STILL recovering from using this primer!


-Mattifies Skin
- Keeps foundation in place


-Broke me out
-Has a heavy perfume scent, which is an instant turn-off
- Feels heavy
- Takes a long while to set
-After a while, it started feeling really oily.

Overall: 2/5
Not the worst product I've ever used, but I wouldn't ever purchase this myself. It broke me out, and didn't work for me, but maybe it'll work for you? I don't know, it might just be my skin-type, but I wouldn't touch this product again with a ten foot pole.

Thanks for reading~

Monday, February 11, 2013

Midnight Fever Profusion Palette

Hello again readers~

In December, Profusion launched two (VERY CHEAP) palettes. Midnight Fever, and Sultry and Neutrals.

Each of the palettes had ten shades, an applicator, and an eyeliner.. The Sultry and Neutrals were lighter (day), and Midnight Fever were darker (night). Since I prefer darker colours for my eyeshadow, I picked Midnight Fever.

The palette is just cardboard and plastic with a little mirror. The plastic houses the pans, the eyeliner, and the applicator.

With flash:

Without flash:

With flash:

Without flash:

- Can get a lot of looks using these ten shades
-Super cheap, $5
-Easy to store
-If you apply them wet they look amazing
-Can go from a day look, to a night look

-If you only apply them dry, they don't give as much payoff
-A couple of the shades are a little flaky in texture
-The shadows give fallout

Overall: 4/5
The palette is a little tricky to work with, but if you apply the colours wet over a primer, it gives you a wonderful payoff. I also like that the first five are lighter, and then the last five are darker, so I'm glad I chose this palette. I get both kinds of looks in one palette, instead of just a light neutral look that Sultry & Neutrals would have provided.

Thanks for reading~

E.L.F. 10 Piece Brush Set - Review

Hello again readers~

Second portion to my tool review. :) I'm going from the worst brushes of the bunch, to the best, with one neutral thrown in there.

E.L.F. 10 Piece Brush Set:

 Total Face Brush:

I use this brush to either apply powder foundation, setting powder, or for lightly dusting off excess product.  It smells weird, even after washing a few times, either from the bristles or the dye used on them. The bristles fall out (shown in photo even after I preened the brush) and are scratchy. I wish the brush was a lot softer...

Rating: 3
Blush Brush:

I use this brush to apply bronzer, blush, or highlighter to my face. It has the same issues as the Total Face Brush: scratchy, smelly, and just not what I want in a brush. With this brush, I can visually see how it applies blush, and though it applies the powder well, it doesn't blend it as well as I would like it to.

Rating: 3

 Foundation Brush:


I use this brush primarily for moisturizer. The bristles of this brush were a lot softer, but they were also stiff. It leaves my liquid foundation looking streaky and not blended in well at all. Horrible for foundation, but well enough for moisturizer.

Rating: 2

 Lip Defining Brush:


 A brush for lip colour application. This brush is incredibly soft, probably too soft. The bristles fall out, and I didn't notice anything amazing about how it applied lip colour. I actually don't use this brush at all after my initial testing.

 Rating: 1

Brow Comb and Brush:

A standard brow comb and brush. I wasn't wowed with it, and I have another one just like it. Works just as well as the one I got in a set at Claire's, and I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't come in the set.

Rating: 4

Concealer Brush:

A brush for applying and blending out concealer. I really like this, it's small enough to get super small spots, but it also is small to apply the product precisely. The bristles are soft, and doesn't irritate my face. Though, this has a similar problem as the foundation brush where it doesn't blend too well, but I apply my foundation after concealer so it's not a big problem.

Rating: 4

Eyelash and Brow Wand:

Basically: a little spooly. Also not something I would have bought if it wasn't included, but I like how easy it is to brush through my eyebrows to make them looking neat and uniform. It's surprisingly useful.

Rating: 4

 Eyeshadow Brush:

 An all-over colour brush for eye shadows. It's soft, picks up pigments well, and applies a soft, even coverage of eyeshadow all over my eyelid. It's something everyone should have at least one of.

Rating: 5

 Smudge Eye Sponge:

 Used to create a sultry smokey look. It does exactly as it's supposed to. It smudges my eyeliner out beautifully, making it both sultry, and softer.

Rating: 5

Eye Liner Brush:


 A brush for eyeliner. I only use to tight-line at my lash line. It applies my gel liners so beautifully, instantly making me look wide-awake, attentive, and full of energy, but without going overboard. It's very easy to get the look I want, without hassle.

Rating: 5

Overall: 3/5

I really only truly loved 4 out of the ten, even if I use more brushes from the set. Was it worth it? In a way yes, and in a way no. I'm glad I got the opportunity to try different brushes, but I also could have bought the individual ones that would have worked better for me, and now I have duplicates of brushes I don't even like.

Some brushes are better than others, but keep in mind that individually, they're a dollar. For that price, you really can't beat it.

Thanks for reading~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hard Candy Glamouflager Concealer Review

Hello again readers~

I didn't purchase this myself, my friend bought it to use for a cosplay event, and then let me have it afterwards as a repayment for styling his wig for him.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light

The product comes in a plastic package. It doesn't really do much, but the design of the packaging is nice, and it clearly states if it's light, medium, or dark on the top.

It comes with a pencil, and a tube of concealer. It looks like it's not much doesn't it? Well you're wrong. A little goes a LONG way.

The dot I applied above, is enough to cover the flaws for my ENTIRE face. It's a heavy duty coverage product, that really gives a good impression. 

The pencil is darker, but this product is also used for covering up tattoos! You trace the tattoo with the pencil, and then apply the concealer until it's covered. I don't have any tattoos, myself, but it has such good coverage I'm confident it'll cover them up, even if you may need to add another coat for darker tattoos.

As you can see, it looks a bit cakey. It's easy to go overboard if you apply too much, because you only need a tiny amount on your face.


-Covers up imperfections
-Heavy coverage
-Blends into the skin and doesn't mess up the application of foundation
-Cheap! $6. Though it doesn't look like much, since you only need a little, it lasts a long time.
-Easy to get at Walmart


-Easy to use too much
-A little difficult to apply sometimes since it's so thick

Overall: 5/5

Even with the meager cons, I love this! It covers up blemishes and dark circles and acne scars like they aren't even there, and it helps with the overall look at the end of my makeup application.

Thanks for reading~

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer Review

Hello again readers~
Hard Candy - Sheer Envy Primer

After trying E.L.F.'s primer (which I did love), I wanted an opportunity to try another one, so I purchased Sheer Envy from Walmart. It was $8 for 45g.

The product (be sure to shake!) is a milky white colour, but it does have a hint of a shimmer in it.

(blurred image to show shimmer)

I was concerned when I noticed the shimmer, since shimmer = shine, but I was pleased with how it looked.

When you rub it into the skin, at first it might seem a little greasy since it's a silicone base, but it does dry and gives a nice sheen to the skin. It helps reduce the size of my poors, and it doesn't have a scent like the E.L.F. primer does.

You only need a small amount of the primer to get the job done, since a small pea-sized drop will spread over your face to help give your makeup application a smooth canvas to work on.

It didn't break me out, I got about twice as much product as the E.L.F. primer, for only two dollars more. It also is hygienic since it's in a squeeze tube.


- Makes my skin look even better
-Creates a good canvas for my foundation
-Blends into the skin easily
-Doesn't have a heavy scent to it
-The shimmer makes skin look dewy, but not glittery
- Keeps foundation looking better longer
- Good price


- Feels a bit greasy when you first apply it
- Takes a couple of minutes to dry
- Easy to accidentally pour out more primer than you need, and that's a waste of product

Overall: 5/5

I loved the performance, how it made my makeup look, and how it made my skin look as well. It might not be for everybody, but it sure did work for me.

Thanks for reading~

Friday, February 8, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation Review

Hello again readers~

Revlon Colorstay Whipped in 110 Ivory

 This product is definitely the most expensive face product I've ever bout at a whopping 13 dollars. It ranges from 10-15 depending on where you shop for it.

The Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundations come in the same array of shades as the liquid foundations, and since I always buy the lightest shades, this one was an easy pick for me.

It's 23.7 mL of foundation, so it's not as much as foundations usually come with. That's a downside really, even though you don't need that much to cover your entire face.

Another downside is the packaging. The packaging is misleading, since it looks like you're getting a lot more product than you really are, and it's hard to tell what the colour of the foundation really is. It's also heavy, glass, and bulky.

The product isn't much of a whipped mousse feel, more like a cream. The jar is super  unhygenic though, and I use a small spatula to scoop out a small amount of product and set it on the back of my hand for use.

To apply, I just use my (clean!) fingers, and then go over it with my blending sponge to get a flawless finish. It's smooth, medium to full coverage and applies quickly. It takes longer to set though, and I wait about five minutes before I apply my powder, unless I'm in a rush.

The makeup applies well, smooth, and lasts me all day. I can sleep in it (for naps) and wake up with it still looking great. I like how it keeps me from getting oily (something I'm still not used to) but doesn't feel too thick on my face.

You can however, easily go overboard, so start in small areas and build your way up to avoid that.


 - A small amount can cover my entire face
- Natural looking finish
-Salicylic Acid is an ingredient
- Medium coverage
- Bildable to get full coverage where you need it
- Quick to apply
-Found that the longer you wear it, the better it looks
-Lasts all day
-Doesn't make me look oily


- Takes a few minutes to set
- If you work out, it will sweat off
- Expensive
- The packaging is un-hygenic
-The packaging is bulky and heavy
-Can go overboard

Overall: 5/5

Out of the two, this is currently my new favourite. I can apply it quickly, finish getting my bags together, set, and then continue the rest of my makeup routine before I walk out the door for school in the morning. It does have it's faults, I'll give it that, but I think the payoff well makes up for it.

Thanks for reading~