Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation Review

Hello again readers~

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in 110 Ivory.

The foundation is for combination/oily skin, so I really got my hopes up that it would work for me. For years I used Covergirl liquid foundation (since High School), and though I wasn't very impressed, it was cheap and worked for what I wanted. This was quite a price change at $10 a bottle.

For ten dollars, you get 30 mL of product with an spf of 6, and you have a wide range of shades to pick from. I picked the lightest they offered since I'm so pale.

A real downside to this foundation, is that it doesn't have a pump. Usually this wouldn't be so bad, as the liquid foundations I had before are thick, but this foundation is slightly runny. I'm most likely going to purchase a pump for this, since it's runny and you end up dispensing more product than you need.


It's a little darker than my skin tone, but when I blend it in you don't really notice it, and after I apply my powder it matches perfectly. Though work fast, because it dries quickly.

After I apply this foundation, I don't have to worry about it at all. I can take a nap, and my skin will still look flawless.


- Ivory actually goes well with my skin tone!
- Keeps my skin looking fresh
- I don't look oily 


- No pump
- A bit pricey
-It has a scent that lingers for a short while
-Though runny, it's also a bit thick and will cake if not careful. Application is best done with a damp sponge or brush

Overall: 5/5 

I love this foundation. I can apply it quickly, it sets quickly, and lasts for hours without me having to worry about it. It covers up the redness of my face and blends into my skin tone well.

Thanks for reading~

P.S. The last three photos were taken with my new camera, do you notice a difference?

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