Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo Metal - Gold Rush

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I'm really excited about this post. I had it narrowed down to two - Pomegranate Punk, and Tough As Taupe. I was going to do the eeny-meeny method to pick which one I bought, but this little gem stole all of my attention.

Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo Metal
 - Gold Rush

I love the packaging on these. It's glass yes, but they look sleek, and they'd be easy to store, as well as just sitting out on a vanity table.

It's 6 dollars for 4g of product, but it could get as high as 8 dollars at certain shops.

And what a looker it is:

I couldn't choose which image I liked more! It looks like someone melted down gold, and poured it directly into the pot! It's eye-catchingly beautiful, and the shimmer is fantastic. I felt a bit of shame when I went to swatch it, because it looked so smooth in the pot...

I applied the product in two ways; on the left I applied with a brush (two strokes), and on the right I applied and blended it out a bit with my ring finger (two strokes).

I absolutely love the pigmentation. When you apply with brushes, it's a lot bolder, and really packs it on, but with using my finger, the application was a lot softer. I can't choose between the two, and I can see them both ways working for completely different things!

After a few hours and rubbed:

I didn't leave it on my arm all day (and even if I did, it's completely different skin than my eyelids!), but this was after eight hours. The color was still bold, but I lost a little on the packed application done by a brush. I rubbed against it often, and it didn't budge much at all, just some glitter.


-Last a long time
- Can build them up
- Sleek looking container
- Easy to obtain
- Easy to store
- Easy to apply
- Inexpensive


- Takes a few tries to get a hang of them
- I found I have to wait for them to dry, or else I end up with slight creasing. It's a hassle to keep one of my eyes closed for about a minute (and I look ridiculous), but I suppose the end justifies the means

Overall: 5/5

I'm not wild about all of the colours they offer (there's a total of four I like, but only the two mentioned before that I would actually buy for myself) but they have colours that will suit everyone. They're soft, bendable, and last a long time.
I'm glad I finally did get a gold (I was going to get an NYX jumbo pencil but this takes care of that) for my favourite Iron Man look, and this does the job! I hope in the future I'll have pictures of it in action, and not just swatches on my arm, but I'm still working on a proper way to photograph my makeup.

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    1. If you have extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, I'd suggest trying. It may not be your thing, or it might be your new favourite. :)