Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forever 21: Botanical Choice Deep Cleansing Peel-Off Mask "Lemon" Review

Hello again readers~

Today was my last day of the summer semester!! Since I don't have classes tomorrow, I decided that tonight I would pamper myself, and finally use the Peel-Off Mask!

This mask costs only about $1.80, which I thought was pretty cheap! I was really excited to try it out, and I got my chance tonight. (>w<)

REVIEW (With Pictures)

My first thought, is that the packaging is really cute, and perfect for storing in drawers, cabinets, or containers for if you stock up on masks such as this. When I opened it, I wasn't really sure if I should just squeeze it onto my face, or on my hand, so I chose my hand. I was a little surprised that it was clear, as on the package it shows someone wearing a colored mask, though I suppose that's just for the visual appeal of the packaging itself. It smelled nice, not like real lemons, more like a lemon scented cleaner, which isn't bad, just strange. It's a subtle scent. The mixture itself, is really goopy, and a bit sticky. It was a little odd knowing if I had it even on my face or not, and when I went to wash it off it took me a little bit to get it all.

It felt cooling, which is because the fan was blowing on my face, but it was really pleasant! When it started drying completely, I felt it constricting on my face, making it hard to make basic expressions. It must be how people who get Botox feel ... It also appeared "wet" even though it was completely dry. I looked like a Barbie doll with my face all shiny, but unmoving, and even touching it (in places the mask was completely dry) felt like plastic in a way.

Through webcam, it didn't look very shiny, so I took a picture with my phone camera.

See how shiny it is? That's what the mask looked like, whether it was dry or not. I went to ask my sister something, and she laughed, because of how shiny my face was, plus the headband holding my hair back, and the fact that I couldn't smile. I'm actually trying to smile really big in the picture. Doesn't look like it at all. (^^'')

Then I started to peel it off. I was a little freaked out, because it looked (and felt) like I was peeling off the top layer of skin. It sticks to the hairs (ALL HAIRS) on your face, and tugs at them, so it was slightly painful, and since I got it on my eyebrows on accident, it hurt pretty bad, but a simple wet, warm wash cloth got rid of the mask and then I washed my face to get the rest of the mask off, if I missed any bits.

Touching my face felt SO smooth! And I noticed that the blackheads around my nose are cleaned out! I was very pleased with that, and it goes to show, 'no pain no gain'.

Now for my final thoughts!

PROS: Cheap. Makes face feel very smooth. Removes blackheads. Refreshing.
CONS: Hurts a bit when you peel it off. It hurts if it gets stuck in your hair or your eyebrows. Can potentially pull out hairs.

Will I buy again?  Maybe. It's not something I'd be buying all the time, but this could be nice for every so often.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Incolor Fabuliner, CoverGirl Line Exact, and E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Review

Hello again readers!

This is the order on which I swatched them on my hand (one swatch with just the tip, and one with the side so for a total of 8 lines): E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black, Incolor FabuLiner in Black, Incolor FabuLiner in Brown, and Cover Girl Line Exact in Black.

This was what they looked like this morning. It seems that the CoverGirl has the deepest color for black. Swiped the color on the side swatches in two coats.

This is what they looked like after 8 hours. Of course, my hand isn't very oily, so if you have really oily skin it might look a bit different.

And this is what happened with two hard swipes of the makeup remover. E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, wins in staying power for black, and the Incolor FabuLiner in Brown is still pretty rich in color! I was really impressed!

E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen:
Staying Power: 5/5 Still really nice dark color after all that abuse!
Color: 4/5 Dark (though it could take more than one stroke to get it even all over)
Price: 5/5! It's just a dollar!
Would buy again?: Yes, I don't care if it dries up quickly, the price is good, and so is the formula! It's worth the dollar!

Incolor FabuLiner in Black Eyeliner Pen
Staying Power: 4/5. It stayed well, but did fade a bit.
Color: 3/5. A little watery, will need two strokes to get a bold color.
Price: 5/5 Just two dollars!
Would buy again?: I think I'll buy E.L.F. instead.

Incolor FabuLiner in Brown Eyeliner Pen
Staying Power: 5/5 Rich color, even after the long hours and the makeup remover. Doesn't budge too easily.
Color: 5/5 I love the color! Not a brown-black, but not a super light brown either.
Price: 5/5 Just two dollars!
Would buy again?: YES!

CoverGirl Line Exact Eyeliner Pen
Staying Power: 2/5 Doesn't really stay that well (though it likes to disagree with my photos, I've used this many times before, and know differently).
Color: 1/5 Definitely needs more than one stroke to get it dark.
Price: 1/5 It was about 7 dollars, for this formula that's not really that good.
Would buy again?: No. Too expensive compared to the others I prefer, and the formula is lacking compared to the others as well.

I hope you enjoyed!

Oufit Post and Ray Bans~

Alright readers, here's my outfit that I wore today!

The top I got from Anita, with my favorite pair of black shorts!

Wore my black usamimi too~

Bonus Pics!

Ah! I love this one! MY EYES TURNED OUT BLUE! X3 Usually in pictures, my eyes turn out a dark grey, which can look sort of creepy, but I guess looks like I'm wearing some really awesome circle lenses? (o.O) I'm not really sure. (^^'')

And this one was an "accident" photo. I was a little frustrated with how the pictures were coming out, and made this face. Turned out sort of cute regardless. 

As a side note: I REALLY need to cut my bangs!!  They have gotten so very long, and though they look nice if I curl them to the side, I like them straight across all choppy-like, so I guess I'll have to cut them sometime this week~

Thanks for reading~

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trying on Eyelashes

Hello again readers!

Today while cleaning, I decided to take a break, and try on my new eyelashes that I got! No 102, and 167 from Ebay, and the Hollywood Eyelashes from ELF. Here are what I look like in each kind:

No 102

No 167


And now for the review part!

No. 102: I really liked how I looked in these. They looked more natural than the other ones, and are perfect for everyday! Of course, I didn't cut them before I wore them, so if I'd close my eyes the ends would stab me in my eye! Make sure to cut your lashes to your size so this doesn't happen to you.

No. 167: These were my second favorite. Dramatic, and cute. Maybe not an everyday style, but when I'm dressing up they will be my pick! I did cut these, and they were very comfortable to wear.

E.L.F. Hollywood: These were dramatic, anything else is an understatement. They're bold, they're big, and they're incredibly full. I felt like Marilyn Monroe! I definitely wouldn't wear these often, and they were very stubborn to apply too, though they are still cute! I like to think of them as a little bonus in the Elf Hollywood Eyelashes kit. You get the stand to store them on, and this giant clip with rubber grips to hold your eyelashes for when you put them on, that works like a dream! It was so easy to apply them! Would I suggest these? No, unless you like really dramatic eyelashes. Would I suggest the kit? Yes.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Nail Color

This post isn't anything more than a simple change in nail colors~ Last week, I had painted my nails with Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Ebony Hates Chris, with Sally Hansen HD in Laser on top of it. I really do LOVE that combination, it's now my go-to manicure. Though, after a week (and forgetting a top coat) they were looking quite haggard, though I do realize it's as bad as it is, because I was swimming in a lake during the week.
As you can see, the chipping got REALLY bad by the end of the week, which made the decision incredibly easy. So, while at one of my best friend's houses, I decided to give myself a manicure!
I used Claire's Nail Polish in Secret Garden, with Sinful Colors in Hottie. Sweet, simple, and such a cute color of mint too!

Thanks for reading!