Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oufit Post and Ray Bans~

Alright readers, here's my outfit that I wore today!

The top I got from Anita, with my favorite pair of black shorts!

Wore my black usamimi too~

Bonus Pics!

Ah! I love this one! MY EYES TURNED OUT BLUE! X3 Usually in pictures, my eyes turn out a dark grey, which can look sort of creepy, but I guess looks like I'm wearing some really awesome circle lenses? (o.O) I'm not really sure. (^^'')

And this one was an "accident" photo. I was a little frustrated with how the pictures were coming out, and made this face. Turned out sort of cute regardless. 

As a side note: I REALLY need to cut my bangs!!  They have gotten so very long, and though they look nice if I curl them to the side, I like them straight across all choppy-like, so I guess I'll have to cut them sometime this week~

Thanks for reading~

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