Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forever 21: Botanical Choice Deep Cleansing Peel-Off Mask "Lemon" Review

Hello again readers~

Today was my last day of the summer semester!! Since I don't have classes tomorrow, I decided that tonight I would pamper myself, and finally use the Peel-Off Mask!

This mask costs only about $1.80, which I thought was pretty cheap! I was really excited to try it out, and I got my chance tonight. (>w<)

REVIEW (With Pictures)

My first thought, is that the packaging is really cute, and perfect for storing in drawers, cabinets, or containers for if you stock up on masks such as this. When I opened it, I wasn't really sure if I should just squeeze it onto my face, or on my hand, so I chose my hand. I was a little surprised that it was clear, as on the package it shows someone wearing a colored mask, though I suppose that's just for the visual appeal of the packaging itself. It smelled nice, not like real lemons, more like a lemon scented cleaner, which isn't bad, just strange. It's a subtle scent. The mixture itself, is really goopy, and a bit sticky. It was a little odd knowing if I had it even on my face or not, and when I went to wash it off it took me a little bit to get it all.

It felt cooling, which is because the fan was blowing on my face, but it was really pleasant! When it started drying completely, I felt it constricting on my face, making it hard to make basic expressions. It must be how people who get Botox feel ... It also appeared "wet" even though it was completely dry. I looked like a Barbie doll with my face all shiny, but unmoving, and even touching it (in places the mask was completely dry) felt like plastic in a way.

Through webcam, it didn't look very shiny, so I took a picture with my phone camera.

See how shiny it is? That's what the mask looked like, whether it was dry or not. I went to ask my sister something, and she laughed, because of how shiny my face was, plus the headband holding my hair back, and the fact that I couldn't smile. I'm actually trying to smile really big in the picture. Doesn't look like it at all. (^^'')

Then I started to peel it off. I was a little freaked out, because it looked (and felt) like I was peeling off the top layer of skin. It sticks to the hairs (ALL HAIRS) on your face, and tugs at them, so it was slightly painful, and since I got it on my eyebrows on accident, it hurt pretty bad, but a simple wet, warm wash cloth got rid of the mask and then I washed my face to get the rest of the mask off, if I missed any bits.

Touching my face felt SO smooth! And I noticed that the blackheads around my nose are cleaned out! I was very pleased with that, and it goes to show, 'no pain no gain'.

Now for my final thoughts!

PROS: Cheap. Makes face feel very smooth. Removes blackheads. Refreshing.
CONS: Hurts a bit when you peel it off. It hurts if it gets stuck in your hair or your eyebrows. Can potentially pull out hairs.

Will I buy again?  Maybe. It's not something I'd be buying all the time, but this could be nice for every so often.

Thanks for reading!

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