Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trying on Eyelashes

Hello again readers!

Today while cleaning, I decided to take a break, and try on my new eyelashes that I got! No 102, and 167 from Ebay, and the Hollywood Eyelashes from ELF. Here are what I look like in each kind:

No 102

No 167


And now for the review part!

No. 102: I really liked how I looked in these. They looked more natural than the other ones, and are perfect for everyday! Of course, I didn't cut them before I wore them, so if I'd close my eyes the ends would stab me in my eye! Make sure to cut your lashes to your size so this doesn't happen to you.

No. 167: These were my second favorite. Dramatic, and cute. Maybe not an everyday style, but when I'm dressing up they will be my pick! I did cut these, and they were very comfortable to wear.

E.L.F. Hollywood: These were dramatic, anything else is an understatement. They're bold, they're big, and they're incredibly full. I felt like Marilyn Monroe! I definitely wouldn't wear these often, and they were very stubborn to apply too, though they are still cute! I like to think of them as a little bonus in the Elf Hollywood Eyelashes kit. You get the stand to store them on, and this giant clip with rubber grips to hold your eyelashes for when you put them on, that works like a dream! It was so easy to apply them! Would I suggest these? No, unless you like really dramatic eyelashes. Would I suggest the kit? Yes.

Thanks for reading!

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