Friday, April 22, 2016

Essence Liquid Lipstick and Pure Nude Foundation

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I picked up two new Essence products while walking through Target with my boyfriend, and I was really interested in trying them out. A new foundation that's supposed to feel like you're wearing nothing, and a new liquid lipstick? Sign me up!

Essence Pure Nude Make-Up - 10 Pure Beige

The packaging is alright. I'm not a huge fan of plastic packaging that's suppose to allude to the product inside. I would much rather see a clear plastic, so I can see for myself how light (or how dark) a foundation is before I even buy it. The packaging is also really cheap looking. Really, I'm just not a fan of packing that looks like this, since it looks like makeup that a child would play with. You know the toys I'm talking about, the ones without any actual makeup in it, so they use colored plastic to color code what a "product" should be. (Of course, in this day and age the look of toy makeup is becoming more advanced. Lucky kids!)

The most amazing feature of this product is that it comes with a pump! I wish all liquid foundations came with a pump, it's just something that makes the most amount of sense. It's hygienic, easy to distribute product, and it doesn't waste as much product. I'd much rather put one pump of foundation onto my palette (or back of the hand!) than tip over the container and try to pat out some foundation.

Pure Nude Foundation after oxidizing for one hour
I picked up the lightest available shade: Pure Beige. It was dreadfully dark, well, for me. This would be better suited to someone like my sister, when she's between being pale and being tan, but for me who tends to stay pale throughout the year, I just don't have a use for a shade such as this. To fix this issue, I just added in two pumps of Manic Panic Dream Tone. It did not change the consistency, but it made the color wearable.

I wasn't too pleased with the foundation. It applied well, and looked amazing: at first. Within four hours I was a greasy mess. My skin looked terrible, like I accidentally covered my entire face in highlighter. The foundation broke up in different places all over my face; my nose, my chin, my forehead, and my cheeks! I rarely have a foundation that holds so poorly on my skin that it breaks up on my cheeks. It was such a disappointment because I did like how it looked on my skin upon initial application, but I just couldn't bring myself to overlook such a glaring issue.

It also clung to dry patches. I don't generally have dry patches, but when I do I always notice when a foundation performs this way. It's a foundation that I wouldn't recommend if you have a very oily skin type, nor would I recommend it if you have a very dry skin type. This would be best with combination skin types, in theory.

The last issue I have with this foundation, is that it comes in three shades. All that cater to pale white people. Frankly, it annoys me that I can't find a shade that suits me, but it creates a burning rage when I can't find a shade that won't suit someone with more than a light tan from a tanning salon. Do makeup companies never walk outside? Do they never interact with other people in their lives? There is obviously a lack of foundations for people of color, and makeup lines like this are the reason why. With just three shades? Come on, get with the program.

The Pure Nude Foundation retails for $5.

Essence Liquid Lipstick - Beauty Secret

I picked up one of the new liquid lipsticks too. The packaging for this one reminded me a lot of the Maybelline Lip Elixers that came out ages ago. This one also has a color-coded cap. I picked the most neutral one available at that particular Target, just to give it a try. The worst part about the packaging, is that while it felt cheap, it really was. I don't know how it happened (perhaps I dropped it?) but the plastic chipped on one of the corners, and I only had it for a week!

The applicator is the most interesting part of the product. It's not a standard doe foot, but rather it has more of a tapered edge. I'm assuming it's so you have two sides with product that you can flip over and get both lips without having to continuously having to dip the applicator back into the packaging for more product. I found that I had to do so anyway, so this design wasn't the best.

I bought Beauty Secret, which was a nice, neutral pink shade. Not too warm, and not too cool. This is a pink shade that I do enjoy wearing on the lips, because the color is very nice on me.

Now, I want to start this off with the fact that just because it says "liquid lipstick" does NOT mean that it must be a liquid to matte lipstick formula! I was assuming it'd be much more like a Rimmel Apocalips lipstick where it would be shiny, and creamy.

No, this lipstick was none of these things. It came out shiny, and sheer. I put one layer, and while the color was there, it wasn't much of an impact. In some places it was streaky, so I had to dip the applicator in the tube to even it out.

This "lipstick", is really just a pigmented gloss. It's not like my much loved NYX Butter Glosses, no. It's a sticky mess! I hate sticky glosses with a passion, while I know some people really enjoy the feeling of them. When I'd press my lips together, and pull them apart, strings of "lipstick" would follow. It wasn't attractive, and gave unnecessary texture to the overall look. This didn't wow me, this didn't even make me satisfied with my makeup. This was just an awful product, that made me take it off just as soon as I put it on.

The Liquid Lipstick retails for about $3.50. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you're a fan of sticky lipglosses, to be honest.


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