Monday, April 25, 2016

Pumpkin and Poppy Oak Bark Contouring Powder

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It's always good to have a lot of options when it comes to makeup, and since I'm a sucker for contouring my cheekbones I like a LOT of options. I've been picking up taupe and grey shades for ages, and this was a product I really wanted to try: Pumpkin and Poppy Oak Bark Contouring Powder.

The packaging is a 20 gram plastic jar, with sticker labels. The front is the logo and the Etsy shop name, while the back has the name of the product, size, and ingredient list. I don't mind the sticker, but I've already started getting it incredibly dirty with use...

The best feature of the packaging, is that it comes with a sifter!! It's wonderful, because you don't want too much product coming out at once. I highly suggest that you keep the sifter only open half way (or closed completely if you store this product on its side!) because it's such a finely milled powder that the powder will come out incredibly quickly if you're not careful.

Oak Bark is a cool taupe that's perfect for creating subtle shadows that look natural on the skin. If you apply more layers, you can build up the color, but I really enjoy how it makes my cheekbones look with just a small amount. It's incredibly easy to blend too, making it a pleasure to work with.

Make sure to tap off the excess off your brush, because there's been a few times where I neglected to do so, and found myself with a bold line running down my cheek.  It's always better to add more and blend as you go, rather than add too much.

The biggest downside to this product, is that it's not readily available. You can't just go to the drugstore and buy one, you have to order it online and wait. For those who are impatient, it might not be worth it for you (especially if you like instant gratification), but if you can manage to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive, I can assure you that you'll enjoy it.

The other downside, was actually rectified... Sort of. While Oak Bark is amazing for those with fair to light skin tones, everyone else seemed to be left in the dust, as it could definitely make someone look ashy if they were medium to deep skin tones. Pumpkin and Poppy formulated a new Midnight Oak powder, that caters to light to medium skin tones. A step in the right direction, sure, but for those who have a deep skin tone, there is still not a suitable powder available. So for that, I will indeed count it as a con.


You can purchase Oak Bark here for $9.25. It depends where you are, since shipping fluctuates. I calculated what the shipping would be for me, and it was about $2.75, making the product a total of $12. When I bought this, it was $8.75, so they raised the price by 50 cents, which isn't a big deal. I'm a really big fan of this product, and I highly recommend it.

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