Monday, July 15, 2013

Sephora Birthday

Hello again readers~

I found this little bugger stuck in the archives! 

When I was in Vegas, I was able to go to one of the Sephora's on the strip, to get my Birthday gift. I also bought myself a mini-glass nail file for my bag, but that was just for me. ;)

You get a free little gift with a  highlighter, and a mascara! I was really excited to get this, since I don't get many high-end products. Ever.

Benefit - Watt's Up Highlighter

A little, creamy highlighter. I like the packaging, it's attention grabbing and sleek. However, I wasn't wild about the product. Watt's Up is a creamy stick that you rub against your skin to highlight your features, and it was problematic. The colour isn't terrible, it's a bright champagne, but I wasn't wild about all of the sparkles.

The stick fell out of the packaging, twice now, and I was a little surprised, I thought it would be packaged better, and when I blend out it didn't do much for me at all. I don't feel like rubbing a lot of this on my face, since it is a cream and kind of gets a little greasy. It was fun to try, but I won't be buying the full-sized product. The full-size of this product is $30.

Benefit - They're Real Mascara 

This was what I was most excited about, since a lot of people really enjoy this mascara. 

I was indifferent.

It added volume, and length to my lashes, even curled them! 

Though there was so many things I wasn't wild about it too... First off, the brush hurts. The bristles are stiff plastic, that are great for separating the lashes, but not great for closer to the lash line. I can't get close to the base of my lashes without jabbing myself in the eye/skin at the lash line. It's not pleasant, and though I can get over it, I don't like that it has to happen in the first place.

Secondly, it smears. Throughout the day, I'll find black smudges by the outter corner of my eye, and on my lower lashline. 

I don't mind layering a waterproof mascara over it, but the full-size of this product is also really steep in price ($23), and I don't see myself buying it for myself. It was good to try, and aside from those flaws I like the formula.

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