Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glossy Gloss

Hello again readers~

Today I'll be doing a quick review on E.L.F.'s Glossy Gloss. It's from their Studio line, and I picked mine up at the Dollar Store, of course you can get them at Target, and from the E.L.F. website as well.

The colour I purchased was Berry Blush.

A high shine gloss for a beautiful sheen and a rich tint of colour that has no sparkle.

Great for wearing alone or over lipstick, lip pencil, or any lip colour.

Provides intense hydratoin and moisture with infused Vitamin E formula.

As for the packaging, I really like it. The packaging looks good and sleek.

The application is by a brush that coats the lips well in even colour coverage.


Inexpensive (1-3 dollars)
- Easy to get
- If you lick at your lips, the color remains.
- No shimmer!
- Good amount of product
- Lasts well

It feels slightly heavy on the lips
- DOES have a scent (though it's pleasant!)
Overall: 5/5
I loved this lip-gloss! It wasn't too terribly heavy, and lasted well. I was able to run my tongue over my lips, and it still lasted a while. The taste wasn't bad, and it smelled good.

The colour faded after an hour, but the gloss remained. By the third hour, most of the gloss was gone and it just left a dewy appearance to my lips.

It's good on your wallet too.

Thanks for reading~


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