Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello again readers~

Here is my NOTD looks from the past two weeks. :)

NOTD 1 - Orly 'Androgynie'

I used Orly 'Androgynie' over Wet N Wild Fast Dry in 'Ebony Hates Chris'. Androgynie can be layered to stand on it's own, but the pay-off is much better to put it over a black base. 

I absolutely love this polish (have worn it a few other times, but only pictured it now). It's a black base (a bit sheer) with holo glitter, and hexegonal glitter. 

The only problem, is that there isn't the metal balls inside to mix the glitter around, so the glitter sits at the bottom of the bottle. I'm working on getting this fixed (ordering a packet of the metal balls so I can fix this, and make my own), but for now it has to be stored upside-down to get glitter.

Previously, I have worn it alone, though with applications it eats up the glitter and dulls it. If you layer it over a black polish, it really stands out, and is just brilliant.

NOTD 2 - Orly 'After Party'

I'm so glad I picked up this polish when I did. 'After Party' is a navy blue base, PACKED with blue, pink, and purple shimmer. It's asolutely GORGEOUS. 

I included the shade photo, because the colour of the bottle, is really how it looks on the nail. I just couldn't get it to photograph correctly on my nails, but it's absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for reading~


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    1. Thank you~ I enjoy them both, though they are a hassle to remove since there's glitter in them...