Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello again readers~

It was that time again, one of my favourite times of the year: Halloween! I love it so much, because you can be creepy, and weird, and scary or whatever you choose, and it's accepted for a day~

I was lame, and picked to be a zombie again. Why mess with a good thing? Though this year was different:


The nails on this hand were my favourite...

... but this hand was for grossing my teachers and peers out, because the nail was able to be moved around without falling off:

The materials I used?: False nails, cotton, food colouring, eyeshadow, toilet paper, Elmer's glue, black lip gloss, and clear lip gloss. Looks gross, doesn't it?

Angelica wanted a picture with both of our hands, so of course we did. 

And a picture of the both of us! She was so cute, and she was the practice model for some of the face painters there. :)

Thanks for reading~

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