Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hard Candy - Gummy Green

Hello again readers~

The last of the three Hard Candy polishes I purchased, was Gummy Green. I couldn't resist, since it reminded me a bit of Illimasqua's Mottle. It's no where near a dupe, though, and I'm pleased for that.

Gummy Green is a mint green base with black, and silver circle glitter thrown in.

The first coat i wasn't impressed. It was streaky, and very very sheer. Adding a second coat is like creating magic, it evens it out, and makes the polish look opaque on the nail.

A couple things to point out, is this is definitely a wrapping polish, since tip-wear is a sure thing. Also, this needs more than one coat of top-coat. I suggest two, maybe even three. I just applied one, and though it did the job, there are still a few 'rough' spots that I would like to even out.

I'm a sucker for mint, I'm a sucker for black, and I'm a sucker for the two combined with a flash of silver in the mix. This is a definite must-have for nail polish lovers who also love mint.

Gummy Green retails for 4 dollars, and can be found at Walmart.

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  1. Great post! - cool blog by the way, you have a new stalker!