Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Save Rock and Roll

Hello again readers~

I went with my sister to her university today, and afterward we had lunch and did some shopping!

I didn't buy this today, but I didn't want to make another post about it... It's a black high-low skirt. I was very fortunate that it was in my size, and I have an outfit already prepared for it. :)

 At Forever 21 I scored big time! They had some very cool jewelry pieces that I couldn't pass up at all!  A shimmery chrome bib/collar necklace (I'm not sure how to refer to it, if you do, let me know!), a geometric diamond pendant, and a feather pendant. Simple and gorgeous.

At Rue 21, they had these adorable roller-ball perfumes for a dollar each. They smelled so good, I bought all they had (plus a muskier one for special occasions). I decided I was going to save them, and had a nice giggle at myself. I'm going to 'save'  Rock n' Roll.

Which proudly brings me to the last blip of the post:

I purchased the new Fall Out Boy CD, Save Rock and Roll! Admittedly  it was last Thursday, but I didn't want to make a post just about the CD either. It's incredible.

I did however, purchase Infinity On High today at V-Stock so I'm a little energetic about this.

I lied, I'm VERY energetic about this.

Thanks for reading~

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