Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen HD in Laser (Positive)

OK, so once again at Walgreens (starting to see a pattern here?) I found this AMAZING glitter nail polish, Sally Hansen HD in Laser! It's a shimmery blue, with violet undertones (these pictures don't do this color justice).
You can see the purple undertones in the bottle, but no so much on my nails. This is just three coats of Laser.
So after this, I got curious. What would it look like over black? So I tried it!
Answer: AMAZING! Sorry that it's so messed up though. My hands won't stop shaking tonight! Haha But I would definitely recommend this. Would I buy it again? Maybe not, since it's also very pricey. 6-7 dollars if I can remember right, and I am sort of cheap, but I do really like this color, and will be wearing it a lot! Who knows, I might just positively fall in love with it, and buy it again.

Thanks for reading!

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