Friday, December 7, 2012


Hello again readers~

This is the first of two swatches posts. I have some polishes that I haven't swatched yet, and some that I just got that I have. It's a little dissorganized.

Wet n Wild 511B Nouveau Pink

I've had these polishes for a while, and I haven't had a chance to take a picture of the swatches yet.

Now I have.

(From Left to Right)

Milani - Silver : Chunky silver glitter. This was with five coats. It's workable to give you a foil effect, and that's exaclty what I was going for.

Spoiled - My Button Fell Off : Light pink creme. Two coats to become opaque.

Spoiled - Permission to Proceed : A sheer, neon-green that gives of a rubber finish. It honestly works better layered over a white, and takes three coats to become opaque. You also need to wrap with this polish.

Sinful Colors - Let's Talk : Violet Chrome, with very small hint of blue shimmer. Shows brush strokes. Two coats for full opacity.

E.L.F. :  A Grey-Green base with green shimmer. This polish smells AWFUL, and on the nail it looks almost black, not dark green like in the bottle. I'm a little upset by the scent, but it's bearable. Two coats.

Funky Fingers : One coat. I picked this up, because I love goo-green colours for nails (especially layered over black), and was hoping that this would be an opaque crackle (like China Glaze). It's not. It only shows up on lighter colours, and it tints them with an awful yellow. Not a fan, and I'm not even sure of the title since the label fell off.
(Edit: Neon Green Crackle)

Funky Fingers - Teal Scales : One coat. I love this one, a lot. It doesn't stand out over black (because it's so dark) but it looks so much better than the other one. I really wanted it because it looked a lot like OPI's Shatter the Scales, and I couldn't resist. 

I did spend a bit of time looking up Funky Fingers online and reviews, and I think next time I go into that store, I'll pick up a few other colours that catch my eye, because though the neon crackle failed me, there are others that look absolutely gorgeous (like Teal Scales!)

Now I mentioned that I would be working on taking better photos, so I set up a little back-drop studio area just for my blogging photos. (Still figuring out the best way to photograph clothes!)

The Wicked Halloween collection is one I sort of wanted, but didn't want it enough to shell out the money for it. When I found this on sale for about six dollars, it was worth it enough.

(Left to Right)

Ghoulish Glow layered over Sally Hansen - Night Fright: I was very excited about this polish, because I can layer it over darker colours, and still have glow-in-the-dark nails. Two coats.

Glitter Goblin -Medium orange and silver-holographic glitter. One coat.

Roguish Red - Red-Orange creme. Two coats.

Bizarre Blurple - Violet base with blue shimmer. Two coats.

Thanks for reading~

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