Monday, April 28, 2014

L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain Lipgloss - Coral Tattoo

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I passed up on the L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain Lipglosses at first, because they were a pretty big hit to my wallet... I'm wishy-washy with lip colours, and if I get a wrong one, I'd much rather it be a two dollar lippy that I can still get a use out of, instead of a ten dollar gloss... However, I bought this one on Target on sale, so now I can do my review about it. :)

These have been kind of raved about in the beauty community, comparing them to a more expensive YSL lipgloss, which, I'm a sucker for getting a product just because it's a dupe of a more expensive product... Onto the product itself.

The Caresse Shine Glosses come in these nice looking tubes. I call them nice, because I'm not overwhelmed by the packaging by any means, but the gold really makes these stand out, on the shelves as well as in your collection.

The wand is nothing I haven't seen before, just a doe-foot applicator with a little indent to contain more product for application. The end is tapered of so you can do broad strokes, or go in with the tip to really define the gloss line.

With application, I was kind of pleased with how these actually work. You're not going to get a flawless opaque application on the first swipe by any means, but sometimes just a flush of colour is enough to get you by. The idea of these is you apply them as you see fit,  building the colour up until you are content with how opaque the gloss looks, just make sure you wait a minute between coats to make sure that the prior coat has had proper time to dry.

The colour I picked up was Coral Tattoo, which I was surprised that I liked so much. It's a warm, orange-red that with one swipe looks really orange, and with two swipes is a much more wearable orange-red. It's perfect for spring and summer, really, and just the colour is so beautiful to look at.

Top: 1 swipe, Bottom: 2 Swipes

Even the lightest swatch leaves a stain behind, which is great if you're going to be in the heat, or wearing this for a long time. Unfortunately, for me, it didn't all wear off at the same time, which made it a little awkward, but it's easy to just add a sheer swipe over the fading colour to bring it back.

3 swipes over lips
The swatch above is about after an hour os wear, with lip-biting included. It wore off a bit at the edges (like where I over-drew the gloss), but the rest seems to be in good condition.

I felt that the gloss was dryer than I was expecting, where I was expecting a gloss to be slick, this was a dryer formula to keep the gloss present for longer. It wasn't too much of an issue, but since it's not moisturizing, if you have a tendency for dry lips, this could just make your situation worse...

Do I personally think these are worth ten dollars? No, but if you're lucky, you can find them on sale every so often, and if glosses are your thing, treat yourself, you might just love them.

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