Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ulta Haul and Swatches

Hello again readers!

I think I like doing hauls this way, where I take a picture of everything and then show the swatches. That way I'm more inclined to post them on time and not have them get lost in my computer somewhere and then have to drag it out months down the line.

I went to Ulta with Ani, and I got a bunch of goodies. :)

Orly - Space Cadet

Oh gosh, I could have cried when I found this in the clearance bin. I have been wanting this polish since 2012 when I stupidly picked up Galaxy Girl instead of this one. I should have gotten both that day... I gave up on ever getting it for myself, instead on focusing on getting dupes, but I don't need to do that anymore because I found this shoved in the bottom for under 4 dollars! 

Space Cadet is a gorgeous duo-chrome polish, that flashes from copper, to acid green, to a bit of violet in there for good measure. Every time you move your hand around you see something different, and it's always beautiful. This took 4 coats since it's a little sheer, but I find it's so worth it! If you're also a bit like me and don't like the hassle of so many coats, perhaps try it over black, because then you can get a whole new experience, without sacrificing the colour shift. :)

Nyx - Raspberry Tart Butter Gloss and Crystal Hip Liquid Crystal Liner

Crystal Hip is a really pretty iridescent glitter in a clear base. I do like this one on it's own, even if it's not really that attention grabbing unless you're close, but I absolutely LOVE it over black. It's great to add a little extra for when you want to be more dramatic with your look.

My mission to have a sizeable Butter Gloss continutes with Raspberry Tart. I think I'll skip over the browns (because they look terrible on me no matter how much I wish they'd work) but I do really want to get Cupcake and Sugar Cookie to complete my collection.

Raspberry Tart is a darkened fuchsia. The container is purple, but the gloss inside leans more towards pink. This one was a little tricky to work with, needing about three coats to get the desired colour that I wanted... And even then it settled in odd places (you can tell in the photo where some places are darker than others). I'm not too put off with that, and I'm going to experiment to see if I like it worn sheer too, or over a few lipsticks. I'm determined to make it work, because I just LOVE these glosses.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss - Nude Candy

This gloss DEFINITELY needs to be layered, especially for me. I picked it up because I switched from buying primarily reds, to really indulging in nudes (best decision to be made, even though I still lust after reds). This gloss settles into ALL of my lines of my lips and looks horrible... It's light, and because I'm so pale it makes me look sick instead of gorgeous... If you have a darker complexion, you'll look better in this than I do.

Orly - Push and Shove & Lay Down That Base

I tried to pass this up, but I couldn't help myself. I'm drawn to chrome-effect nail polishes. This duo comes in a little pack (you can find it at Ulta for 4.50 while they're around the clearance bins).

You need to apply Lay Down That Base first, letting it dry and then going over it with Push and Shove. This polish really is shiny (no where near chrome false nails) but it shows every ridge of your nail... If you've seen in other blogs, this polish duo does NOT play nice with ridge fillers or other base coats... which is a shame. Also, this mani is not meant to last, it's supposed to be just for a night on the town and will start chipping with wear within 24 hours. Not a polish you'd want to invest in for long time wear, but if you're drawn to it (like I was) and you can get it for a good price (which I did) then why not try it? They are attention grabbing and really pretty, even with the ridges.

Thanks for reading!

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