Saturday, March 1, 2014

Finger Paints - 2014 - Chromatic Creation and It Comes Easel-y For Me Swatches

Hello again readers!

Finger Paints launched new colours to their permanent line starting this year. I was really excited for it, since that meant there'd be new colours to choose for, and there are always sales here or there where you can buy one get one free for Finger Paints. They're common, you just have to know when to jump on them!

It Comes Easel-Y For Me

It Comes Easel-Y For Me is a beautiful, vampy-berry colour. I was really excited to see this in the permanent display, since I really do have a soft spot of berry shades, and it's pretty dark.

The formula is nice, not too runny and not too thick. It was almost a one coater with how opaque it was. It is however, a two-coater, because it can't cover completely on the first attempt without using a really thick layer. I used two coats for the images above. (And unfortunately I broke one of my nails and didn't get around to cutting it until after this swatch, I'm so sorry).

The polish I was most excited about was Chromatic Creation. Chromatic Creation is a light silver holo! Can you believe it? A permanent holo that's 5 dollars? Count me in!

It shows ridges in the nail, which is unfortunate, but with a thicker base coating or a ridge-filler it won't matter at all. The colour is a little sheer at first, but with two coats it's opaque, and shines wonderfully. Make sure you have the proper lighting, if it doesn't have enough, it'll just appear a very light silver (which also isn't bad to the eyes). I used two for the photos above.

I'm really pleased with the new releases that I have, they both performed really well, and I love the colours! I already have my eyes on a couple of the others. I buy mine at Sally's and at 5 dollars a piece (3.75-2.50 a piece during B1G1 50%/FREE) they're very easy on the wallet.

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