Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Top 10

Hello again readers!

This month has begun to really pick up the pace that I remember from my previous semesters... It started off too lax, and now it's getting to be stressful. I'm sure I can handle it, I just feel so tired all of the time...

Anyway, I have been trying some new things with my usual routine to shake it up, but I wasn't as successful as I hoped...

February Top 10

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub:
It's getting even dryer out, so my lips are going to suffer. I've taken to using this daily to keep them as smooth as possible, but sometimes by the end of it they're back to being chapped again.

NYX Round Lipstick - Thalia:
My most reached for lipstick this month. It's a beautiful mauve-pink shade, and I can't get enough. It's just pink enough, and just cool enough for my liking. Perfect for the winter months when everything is muted and dead.

Wet n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder - Fair:
I've been sort of lazy when it comes to getting ready in the morning, so I've just been reaching for this. Just a quick powder after my foundation, and it evens out my skin tone.

NYX Taupe Powder Blush:
I'm too scared to go ahead and use up too much of my Greyicious Lilac, so i've been reaching for this more and more. I get the same issues that a lot of people have, and I want to try the new formula for this blusher eventually, but it's been working out for me so far. I just have to use a few more layers.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush:
I haven't used this brush in a good while, and now it seems like I've been using this for everything. This brush buffs in concealer, and foundation like nobody's business. I look fantastic after using it every time, and I just can't get enough. My most reached for brush lately.

ELF Makeup Remover Pen:
This is a gift, it really is, because it is absolutely a must have for any makeup collector/user out there. This pen has makeup remover in it, but it is more precise than a q-tip. This is how I can get my eyeshadow and eyeliner looking so sharp on good days, and it's great for cleaning up the excess under my eyes or any transfer.

L.A.Girl Glazed Lip Paint - Whisper:
When I bought this one, I never thought I would get much use out of it; it's a concealer color on me, and just erases my lips completely. However, I have found two great uses for it; when I want to look masculine, or if I want to look dead. Both are great uses, and now it's one of the lip paints that I reach for most.

NYX Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer:
One of the newer products that hit the shelves, that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Similar to how the color tattoos last through rain and even a shower, this will make your powder shadows do the exact same thing. I was amazed the first time I've ever used this on how efficient it is. Plus, since it's tacky, it makes pigments look AMAZING.

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer - (Dragon) Blood:
My favorite scent of hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, and I'm pretty sure it's my last tube. with having to blow my nose all the time, I want to be able to sanitize afterwards. These are fantastic because I can keep one in my makeup area, and in my purse and backpack and it doesn't take up much room at all!

Benefit The Porefessional:
I've been testing this out (still, I know, it's been a long time) and it's one of those products that I reach for because of necessity more than love.

Thanks for reading~

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