Friday, January 1, 2016

December Top 10

Hello again readers!

Was it just me, or did December go by really fast? It just went by like a blur! With all of the holidays and events, I couldn't really take a breather. Now it's 2016, and I'm excited to take on this new year. Hoping that it's going to be better than that awful last year of 2015.

Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Palette:
I needed this palette far more often this look. I did a lot of looks which needed a neutral shadow in the crease, and I just reached for this since it has so many different shadows with different undertones. No matter the look, this palette has a shadow that will work for it.

Milani Luminoso Baked Blush:
I get the hype of this blush, and I always forget that I enjoy it. It's the same blush I used for my friend on her wedding. Ah, what good memories... It gave me quite the natural flush, which is odd for me, but I couldn't resist. I looked really put-together and healthy with just a few products, and this gave  me both a flush AND a glow. A double-duty product.

Notoriously Morbid Pigment - Hallelujah:
I really hate bringing this up, since you can't get it anymore, but I love it. Great for smoking out as an all-over-lid shade, and has just the right amount of blue sheen to add just a little touch of something extra. I was scared of using it, but what the hell, I gotta live a little!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Eyes - Black Eyeliner:
I've been into tight-lining my eyes for this month, making them look a bit smaller, but really intense. I still haven't found the perfect liner, but I couldn't stop myself from reaching for this one. It goes on nicely, and blends out almost too well. I'm still n the search, but this is good to have for the time being.

MakeUp ForEver Trio - M822 Plum , M846 Morello Cherry, ME302 Peacock:
I sort of cheated with this one, since technically these are three singles, but I don't much care. I have been so impressed with these shadows this month, and have reached for them often. I used Morello Cherry and Peacock for when I went out with my coworkers for our Christmas Party, and I was so impressed with how well they blended and applied. I have fallen in love!

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation - 101 Classic Ivory:
The only reason this is in  my favorites, is because out of all of my foundations, I've been reaching for this most. Which is a little ridiculous, because this shade doesn't match me at all! It goes on great, but I finally noticed (where I was still in the honeymoon "it's perfect!" stage last month) that it oxidizes too pink, and too dark. Damn, I really wanted this to work for me, but it doesn't. Oh well.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes - Trespassing Taupe:
I've been really invested in simple, one shadow for the entire eye looks. This one is fantastic. It's a matte, warm taupe and I can apply it all over for a sunken-in, tired look. Which, though it sounds unappealing, I can assure you, I really enjoy the look.

NYX Liquid Suede - Stone Fox:
This is such a beautiful shade, and I put it on and couldn't keep my eyes off my mouth! It's a really great deep shade, without being too dark.

Nivea for Men Post Shave Balm for Sensitive Skin:
The return of this as a primer! I've been still so happy with this. It goes on SO easy and SO fast. Makes my routine go by faster.

Milani Matte Naked Lipstick:
This lipstick was my go-to this month for natural looking lips. It's comfortable, smells like cake, and goes on so smoothly.

Thanks for reading!

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