Friday, January 15, 2016

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow - M822, M846, ME 302

Hello again readers!

I've definitely been distant lately due to the fact that I dropped off my laptop to get repaired, and over a week later it hasn't been fixed at all! They didn't do a darn thing about it, so it's still unable to close, and I just got it back on Wednesday. I've missed it so much and trying to do anything but gaming on my desktop isn't going to help me much at all. I'm really happy to jump right back into blogging, and what better way to do so than to start with this Make Up For Ever trio?

With the MUFE artist shadows, you have options (which is always good to  have for beauty addicts!), you can buy just the pans and put them into a Z Palette, or you have the option to buy the pans, and also buy the plastic containers for them.

It goes a little something like this: 

You can buy a single compact and a shadow  - $22

You can buy a duo compact and two shadows - $35

You can buy a trio compact and three shadows - $44

If you're looking to expand your collection by a lot, the trio is the way to go. It's like buying two eyeshadows, and getting one free!

The compact is made of good quality plastic that has weight to it. It doesn't feel cheap, and it feels incredibly sturdy. The base is black, and the lid is clear which is very beneficial to look through compacts quickly to find the shadows you want.

The palette has magnets to hold onto the shadows, and I'm incredibly pleased that the magnets hold strong and I don't feel like the pan of the eyeshadow will fly out if I were to drop it (which, if I'm being honest is an event that will eventually happen in the future because of my hands...) so I have a little less stress about shattering one of these (expensive) eyeshadows.

The slots also have a small hole that you poke through to take the pans out, if you want to re-organize your palettes. I was really concerned at first before noticing the small holes, that once you put a pan into one of the slots, they were there forever (unless you used a method like the INGLOT freedom system where you use magnets to pull the shadows out). This is far easier and more efficient if you gather a large collection.

The downside, is you have to buy a compact, or have a Z Palette to hold the shadows in. They come individually packed in flimsy plastic. The lid doesn't fit snugly over the base, and they are NOT fit for travel. Or even proper storage. Since I bought three I didn't have this issue, but if you wanted say four, you'd be better buying a trio, and then another single compact to hold them all.

M822 - Plum: 
Matte violet plum eyeshadow. One of the most popular shades in the Artist Shadow range. It's not too neutral of a violet, but it's not too warm either. It's incredibly flattering on the eye.

M846 - Morello Cherry:
A true cherry red matte. The shade I just couldn't live without. I'm a sucker for red eyeshadows and love how I look in them, and this shadow did not disappoint. It's a tad streaky, so I have to watch how I apply it, but the shade is such a nice deep red that it looks incredible on my eyes. I really can't get enough of how easy this shadow is to wear.

ME302 - Peacock:
Duochrome brick red with teal shift. I was really impressed with the pigmentation of this shadow, and I was even more impressed with how well it applied. It doesn't go on streaky, and it works just like my MAC Blue Brown pigment, but this is far easier to travel with!


Really, the shadows are incredible. The texture of them are smooth to the touch, and applying them (aside from Morello Cherry, which was the hardest out of the three) is a dream.

At $21 a shadow, it's a rather large pill to swallow, but I do see these as being worth the money, especially if you find one of these shades that aren't as common in other stores (with the exception of Peacock, which is a VERY common shade).

It was worth it for me to get this trio, but I don't see myself buying more than maybe three other shades from the range, they don't have many shades that I'm lusting after as hard as these three.

Thanks for reading~

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