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L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation and Pro-Last Lip Color Review

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I tried out a couple things from the L'Oreal Infallible line, and I was really excited to get back to you on my thoughts on the products. I gotta say though, I wasn't the most impressed... with either of them.

I was really happy to see the launch of the new L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. I'm a sucker for good foundations that help with the grease-ball that is my face, and I'm always pretty impatient to try out new ones. Especially when reviews started popping up claiming that this range leans more yellow-toned, I was definitely excited about that! I picked up the shade 101 Classic Ivory, to give it a whirl.

The pricing varies from $10 - $13, which makes this foundation a little steeper, depending on where you go. I'm used to buying foundations that are under $10, but if it works out, then a small splurge would be worth it.

The packaging is plastic, with a squeeze-tube dispenser. They're pretty much my favorite way to have foundations packaged (at the same level of foundations with pumps!) as they're hygienic, and easy to get product out of the container. However, this packaging is almost too easy to get product out, because I find that I squeeze out too much on some occasions.

The coverage is amazing, it's a medium coverage that can be built up to a full-coverage look. It dries down to a semi-matte that ends up looking  more like my real skin than I've been wearing foundation, making this a very good every-day foundation to reach for. It ends up clinging to dry patches (thank you acne for being a jerk!) of skin, and it's very apparent if you're having any issues with dry skin, which is a shame. It also doesn't last anywhere near 24 hours. Heck, if I can make it to 12 hours it's been a good day, because I start getting really oily around the 8 hour mark (even WITH powder and a good primer!) and the foundation starts breaking up on my nose and my chin especially.

The color match is less-than-stellar. It's far too dark, and it leans more orange than  yellow. It's such a shame, because in the tube, it looks like it's going to be perfect, and once I blend it out, it's clear that it's not the right match for me. To make matters worse, it oxidizes within an hour, so I look like I've been messing with a self-tanner and made a terrible mistake rather than use a foundation.

In order for it to work for me at all, I have to mix it with a fair amount of Manic Panic Dream Tone foundation to make it wearable. I have to use an extra pump (4 pumps for every helping of L'Oreal), which makes it look like it's going to be too light for me, but since it oxidizes so quickly, it ends up matching up perfectly afterwards.

It's a hell of a foundation to work with, because if you work with it enough the initial application is flawless. However, it does have quite a few issues. If you're willing to shell out the money for it (and if you're like me, the money to shell out for a foundation mixer) then more power to you, because it's a very gorgeous foundation, and worth giving it a try. I have other foundations I prefer, and other foundations I want to play with, so I don't see myself buying this one again any time soon.


L'Oreal Infallible 2-Step Lip Color in Neverending Nutmeg was a lip color that I was dead-set on buying. It looked to be the perfect color with just the right amount of color, and the right amount of grey-tones in it to make it my favorite everyday lip. If it manages to last through the whole day, then that would have been a bigger bonus for me, right?

Each 2-Step Lip Color retails anywhere from $10-$13, which is pretty steep for just one liquid lipstick at the drugstore level. It's a pretty nice chunk of change, but once again, if it works, it should be worth it.

The 2-Step process works like this: you apply the lip color, then you apply the balm on top.

The lip color is applied with a doe-foot applicator, with a longer shape. It makes it incredibly easy to apply the product to the lips, making sure to hit every nook and cranny. Though, an issue I had with this product, is that it would apply, but then it would be picked up again with the applicator. It was incredibly frustrating, because I'd have to do at least two layers to make the lipstick look opaque, and sometimes I would still find patches.

The balm is amazing; it smells like cotton candy, it's moisturizing, and it helps keep the lips from being uncomfortable. The downside, is that there is barely any balm included! The picture above is all of the balm, and I used quite a bit during my testing period, so it just didn't work out for me at all! I was hoping it'd go deep within the cap, but it just didn't.

Now the left is the color when you just slap on a lot at once. The right is the lip color when you use the applicator properly, where it sheers the color out. It was frustrating, because I wanted opaque coverage, and it just didn't want to work with me.

The biggest issue I had with this product, is that it was just... all around awful. The pigmentation wasn't that great, and once it dried on the lips it was incredibly uncomfortable unless you were constantly applying the balm (which you don't get that much compared the amount of lip color so you'd end up running out of the balm way before you run out of th e lip color!) and if you weren't adamant in applying the balm, it would dry up and flake right off your lips, and not just the insides of your lips, all over your lip area, so you'd have to take it of and apply it again.

The other issue, is that it wasn't long-lasting at all. It of course came off if i ate something greasy, but it didn't last all day even if all I had was something to drink through a straw! It came off just by talking a little bit. It was crazy how easy this lip product came off, it wasn't long lasting at all!

This product wasn't worth the time or money I put into it, and I just hated it so much. If they come out with like an individual balm, I would buy that because I enjoyed the balm, but the lip color was a great disappointment.


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