Monday, March 21, 2016

Makeup Revolution Palettes

Hello again readers!

I am delighted to bring up these beautiful Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes. Shout out to my good mate Jess for being such a wonderful friend, and agreeing to doing a swap with me while she visited the states! I just had a few things I wanted to try out, and she was gracious to take the time to do the shopping for me, and sent me such a beautiful package (the wrapping paper even looked like reptile skin, she is a GODDESS).

There were so many that I really wanted to add to my collection, but there was two that really stood out above the others that I was hardcore lusting after for a long while now.

I <3 Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette

The packaging of this palette is pretty cute; It looks like a half-eaten chocolate bar that's starting to melt on the edges! It's very cute, but it makes it a little harder to store because it's not a flat surface.

The shadows are a mixture of neutrals with a few pops of color to keep it from being too uniform and bland. This can be used as an every day palette, as well as shaking it up to make a variety of night-time looks as well.

You Need Love: Cream Nude Matte

Piece Me Together: Olive green with gold glitter. On the lid it looks more muddy brown.

One More Piece: Soft warm brown matte

Love Torn*: Burgundy with silver glitter

Stolen Chocolate: Deep cool-toned brown

Thank Friday*: Warm matte peach. Perfect for a transition shade.

More!: Light copper shimmer.

Pleasure Girl: Warm brown matte.

Meet Chocolate: Pale blue-toned pink. This was the chalkiest shade in the entire palette, and I won't ever reach for it because it's so hard to load up on a brush and the fallout is atrocious.

Unforgivable: Violet grey-toned blue.

 Love Divine: Brown Shimmer.

 Smooth Criminal: Copper Shimmer.

 Chocolate Love: Warm gold shimmer.

You Need More: Chocolate Brown shimmer.

What a Way to Go*: Deep matte burgundy.

Endorphins Ready!*: Pale pink ice shimmer.


Well, it's no surprise that this palette is a supposed dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, being called "I Heart Chocolate", and all. The palette doesn't really have much of a scent. It's like they tried to add something, but they couldn't dream to match the delicious scent of the Too Faced shadows.

Most of the shades in the palette were pigmented, easy to work with, and blended beautifully. There were two shades that stood out as just plain awful for me, those two being; Piece Me Together, and Meet Chocolate. They were the biggest disappointments and really dragged the quality of the entire palette down. Comparatively, I can assure you that the Too Faced shadows are better quality (and the price reflects that). It's been shown that the colors are dupes, but since the Makeup Revolution products are cheaper in quality, they need a little more TLC to show as much impact as the Too Faced. Some days I'm willing to work that hard, but most days if it's not going to work with me, I don't want to work with it!

I just have so many browns already in my collection, that I wasn't blown away with this palette. This makes me extremely happy that I didn't go ahead and purchase the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, because while I do enjoy the burgundy shades and the matte neutrals, I just don't reach enough to warrant the price of the Too Faced version.

If you're already thinking of getting the Too Faced palette, go ahead and invest in it. If you're like me, and you like the shades but don't see yourself reaching for them often? Go with the Makeup Revolution palette.


New-Trals VS Neutrals Palette

This palette is a sleek black plastic. It's almost ridiculous how easy it is to store and travel with it, and it protects my shadows from any harm without being too over-the-top or fancy.

The shadows are a beautiful array of warm shades, from peaches, to oranges, to reds! There are also some beautiful cool-tones and a variety of neutrals so this palette isn't too out-there with the color range.

Bias: A pale yellow shimmer.

Neutral*: Warm matte dusty-rose.

Personal: Salmon pink shimmer.

Vogue*: Orange shimmer.

Trend*: Matte burnt sienna.

New-Tral*: Warm-toned matte red.

Tone*: Cool-toned matte red.

Custom*: Matte chocolate brown.

Cool*: Neutral cream. The best to set my eye area to make the shadows easier to blend.

Style: Pale pink glitter. +

Partial: Rose glitter. +

Mode: Copper glitter. +

+ All of these shadows had the most god-awful fallout imaginable. A single tap with a brush caused powder and glitter to get all over the place. They look beautiful on the eyelids, but at what cost?

Adapt*: Neutral brown. This is a perfect crease shade.

Buff: Brown shimmer.

Suit*: Taupe brown with a sheen.

Strong*: Violet glitter in a matte black base.


This palette was by far my favorite of the two. Now, it's supposed to be a dupe of the Lime Crime Venus palette, but it's that and SO much more. It hits those shades, while offering you a larger variety. Frankly, I don't support Lime Crime, and I'm fortunate that I never spent any money on their products (though I will admit, I've been tempted a few times). I'm so pleased that Makeup Revolution provided a better alternative.

The shades are to die for, and while they're not the most office-friendly shades out there, they're just right for someone like me who prefers "bloody", alternative looks.

With the exception to the more glittery shades, the shadows were pigmented, extremely easy to work with, and blended with minimal effort. It was almost ridiculous how easy they were to blend together, they were MADE for each other. A match made in heaven... in a factory.

This is the first larger palette that I fear I may just run out of the colors, I've been reaching for them like a nut!


*Asterisks depict my favorite shades.

Thanks for reading!

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