Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello again readers!

I recently bought the Too Faced Totally Obsessed kit. The kit features five favorites from the Too Faced brand in deluxe sizes so you can get a feel for the formulas. It's always nifty to try kits out, and there were two products especially that I was excited about.

In the kit, you get the Too Faced: Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Better Than Sex mascara, Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, Hangover RX primer, and the Melted Chihuahua liquid lipstick.

I've reviewed the bronzer, mascara, and eyeshadow primer in the past, so I won't be getting into those again now. I'll be focusing on the two new additions to my collection instead.

The Too Faced Hangover RX primer was something I was really excited to try out. I've heard that it gives instant moisture to the face and extends the wear of your foundation. As someone with oily skin this is not always necessary, but even I have those days where I feel my skin needs a little more help.

The sample size has the same look at the full-size, but instead of a pump, it has a squeeze tube applicator. Not an issue, since this is just a sample. It's still sanitary, but the difference is that it is REALLY easy to dispense more product than you need, since the primer is like a gentle lotion.

The primer was very light, with a gentle scent. It did not have any overwhelming scents (I was scared it'd reek of coconuts!), but the scent was rather sweet and pleasant. It spread into the skin quickly and evenly. I noticed an instant feeling of hydration, like my skin was drinking it right up. I was a little surprised with how much my skin felt like it needed the moisture. I often forget that even though I have oily skin, I need to moisturize too otherwise my skin won't be happy.

I really enjoy how this product feels on the skin. It's light, keeps a good moisture to the skin, and it makes my skin look incredibly nourished and really healthy. I was really impressed with how well this product did, even matched with my oily skin.

I did notice that it kept my foundation on all day, but it did nothing for me to keep oil at bay. I could touch up with a powder, but this primer would be better suited for me to wear during the fall and winter months to give my skin a little more help.


I was really excited to try this product, because this was the only color from the Melted line that I ever wanted to own. To have it included into the set? Well that sold me right there!

The packaging is the same as the full-sized product, just... well, smaller. It has the same soft plastic packaging, with a gold plastic cap. It looks really sleek and admittedly cute. The downside is that I can definitely see the plastic tube getting incredibly dirty if you're someone who likes to carry their  lip products with them throughout the day.

The applicator is the same as the full-sized, a soft, angled sponge-like applicator where the product goes through pore-like openings inside of the sponge. I've heard that it can gum up through the pores, so it's something to keep an eye on while I continue to wear this product.

The product itself was really nice. I love the color, it's a beautiful dusty pink-brown nude that looks really flattering on me. I was really impressed with how opaque it was, and it didn't apply streaky or unevenly.

The scent was light and sweet, and I didn't find it to be annoying. It did last longer than I was expecting, so if you're sensitive to scents, you won't like that aspect of this liquid lipstick.

It does not dry down, it stays a creamy finish throughout the whole day. Even with the slick finish, it lasted an incredibly long time. About 6 hours I ended up taking it off to eat lunch, but I didn't notice any significant fading or feathering.

The biggest issue I have with this product, is that it ends up getting ... chunks in it, while I'm wearing it. I'm not sure if product just balls up in pieces, if it's dry skin mixing with the lipstick, or if it reacts poorly with saliva I'm not sure. It has like weird balled up... something that comes off my lips. Sometimes it's even slimy. It's a very weird feeling. I'm not sure what that's about, but it's something I can overlook if I just remove it and re-apply the product.

I'm glad I never bought a full-sized version of any of these, because the color selection isn't my cup-of-tea, and why spend over 20 dollars for one lipstick, when I could spend the additional 4 dollars for a deluxe size along with 4 other samples? Made more sense to do it this way. I don't hate the lipstick, but I don't exactly love it either. I'll continue to use it, but I don't think I'll ever buy a full-size.

Thanks for reading!

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