Monday, October 12, 2015

Too Faced Beauty Experts Darlings

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I'm very excited when makeup companies make cute little sampler kits to try out a variety of products, without having to buy a full-size with hopes that it'll work for you. I picked this up from Ulta for $20, and immediately cracked it open to see how well these products worked for me.

The Chocolate Soleil bronzer is a cult classic. It's been shown by a large variety of beauty gurus and their collections. It's something that's just so... delicious. The bronzer has cocoa powder, so it smells heavenly every time it's opened. 

The bronzer is pigmented, and incredibly smooth. Just a tap, and product is picked up. It seems like a good plan, but for someone like me who is very pale, it can be very bad. Just a tap on the brush, and a bunch of pigment is picked up. I have to be very careful with this bronzer, because just a dab will do me.

The Too Faced La Creme lipstick in Naked Dolly is a nice, light nude. Sometimes it can wash me out, but when I pair it with a lip liner, it's much more wearable. The formula is very creamy, moisturizing, and easy to wear on the lips, but it does fade very quickly with how creamy it is.

The biggest thing that I hate about this lipstick, is that it smells like soap to me. It's really off putting and very odd, and then I can taste it. I'm not a fan, and it stops me from wearing it as much as I would otherwise.

The Better Than Sex mascara was something I really was looking forward to try. So many people raved about how beautiful their lashes looked  after using it, and I had to agree. At first.

When I first applied this to my lashes, it was a little hard to handle. The formula is very wet, and if I wasn't VERY careful, it'd get all over my lower lash line and my eyelid and on my cheek without me moving too much. It was frustrating, and ended up with me scratching at my face with a spooly brush to get the dried mascara off.

The other thing that I did not like about the mascara, is that it's a fiber mascara. While it left my lashes looking long, full, and beautiful, it also made them flake throughout the day, so i'd have little flakes of fiber and mascara sprinkled all over my cheeks and face. Very unflattering.

It works for so many people, and I was bummed when it didn't work for me.

 I have a couple of reviews of this product, here and here. Like I've said, not my favorite, but I won't toss it away either.


Overall, I really enjoy kits like these. I like the little samples of products (not only are they cute, but they're enough to get a good feel for the product without committing to the price of a full-size just yet). Unfortunately I wasn't wild about any of these, so I won't be buying a bigger size. Too Faced just isn't my brand, I suppose.

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