Thursday, September 1, 2011

OOTD, FOTF, and Nuggets?

Hello again readers~

Today, was quite an exciting day... I finally gave my speech for my speech class, and I was SO nervous!! I was talking, and shaking, and had to pause at least twice to catch my breath and calm down. Oh... I hope she doesn't count me down too much since it was my first speech...

Between the classes, I was with my friends Arik and Emily, and Arik was helping me with my computer, then about 10:30 we all wanted McDonalds, but didn't leave till 10:45... my class starts at 11:00. Haha. We ordered, they messed it up, took FOREVER. I had five minutes, to scarf as many fries as I could, and get to class. I only managed 1/4 of my fries... so that's all I ate of those, but I ate my nuggets in class.

Luckily, since i managed to answer every question perfectly, and figured out three formulas off the top of my head to make the questions easier to solve, he didn't really care much. That, and I wasn't being disruptive. Just when he was talking I didn't reach for a nugget, and when he was writing I ate some. Haha. It was really awesome~ I am really obsessed with those nuggets....

Enough about my day, have outfit/makeup post~

I LOVE this top. I mean really love it. Anita is so great for buying it for meeeeeee. Also, my sister was really sweet to me, and braided my hair~ So it was all cute and wavy today. Apologies for the background, the corner is my stash of food stuffs/trash, and the other is all of the clothes from my closet organized in baskets... embarrassing...

I really do love this makeup look~ I got inspired from Zhi Zhi at Sweetheart <3 Fashion, so decided to try it myself, and I LOVED it.

Thanks for reading~


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