Saturday, October 1, 2011

September's Top 5

Hello again readers~

It's October 1st, that means: SEPTEMBER'S TOP FIVE!! :D

Shoulder-cut fashion top:
I absolutely love this top. So so so so so much. I got it from my best friend Anita from Rue 21, and it's just so cute, soft, comfortable, and flattering! She knows me WAY too well.

Fashion Necklace:
This is my new favorite necklace. I bought it at Forever 21, it goes with everything, and adds a nice edge to any outfit. I'm glad I picked this one up when I did, because it's just so beautiful, and my mother approves!

Hard Candy Matte Top Coat:
I was lusting after this nail polish, I bought it, and I love it. It's gorgeous, and dries pretty quickly, and gives nail polishes a whole new look!

E.L.F. Angled Eyeliner Brush:
This is my favorite eyeliner brush for everyday looks. I still love my Maybelline brush, but this one is just so much better for those thin lines, and is so much more precise.

Domo Pencil Case:
Keeps my pens, markers, lead refills, erasers, blending stick, comb, and ruler all in the same place. Has two compartments, so it's more organized. It's just perfect for me!

Thanks for reading~

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