Monday, January 16, 2012

Swatches, Gets, and Reviews

Hello again readers~

Today I was able to finally go off to South County this month to score some really amazing nail polish, and deals at Sally Beauty Supply~

While there, I picked up Orly in Gumdrop, Orly in Wild Wisteria, Finger Paints in Motley, and Finger Paints in Flecked. Since the Orly sale was (basically) buy 2, get 1 free, my sister got a nail polish too and I swatched it.

Orly in Haute Red. I do like this color. It goes with my skin tone nicely (hard to do for red). It was a little sheer, and took two coats to have full coverage. It was a bit runny, but not too hard to work with. Though I like the color, it did stain my skin a bit when I removed it.

Orly Gumdrop. I have been wanting this polish for a while now, since I've seen so many swatches of it. It's a wonderful mint color! It was thick, and I had to apply two coats for an even coverage, but the color payoff is well worth it.

Another wishlist shade. Wild Wisteria is a GORGEOUS dark, blue-violet shade. Finally, a shade fitting for the colder months! The application went so smoothly, and applied in only one coat! I do apologize for the mess-ups, I can't get my hands to stop shaking sometimes. :(

And the swatches of the two Finger Paints flakies I bought! Motley is a blue-violet and green flakie combo. (my new favorite!) Flecked is a blue and green duo-chrome flakie that is just beautiful! I'm incredibly pleased with the Finger Paints flakies, since it's easier to control just the amount of flakie you want on your nails! The formula was brilliant as well, not too thick, and not too runny.

Sarah needed to go to K-Mart, and since I wanted to pick up a few things for my friend in Singapore, I looked for things for myself.

I picked up the E.L.F. Studio Corrective Concealer palette, E.L.F. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Innocent Ivory, and E.L.F. Essential Bronzing Brush.

I was hoping to use this as a powder for 'boundary lines' for my eye makeup, but was pleased to see that it has a pearlecent effect to it (the picture does not do it justice at all). Since I got it for only 1.80, it made it an even better deal.

Now onto the reviews:

E.L.F. Studio Corrective Concealer palette Review

The palette comes in the signature black matte plastic container, that resembles NARS. It has a peek-a-boo window to see the four shades, and a small mirror and brush on the inside. There are four shades: The nude and beige shades (first and last) are used to conceal in problematic areas. The green omits redness, and the lilac brightens dull, yellow tones on the face. The price tag? 3 dollars.

- 4 different shades to conceal problem areas
- The concealers feel creamy
- The mirror makes it easy for on-the-go touch-ups

Though creamy, it's not very pigmented, so in order to conceal anything, you really need to build up, and even then it isn't guaranteed.
- The brush that comes with it, is complete rubbish. It doesn't pick up any of the product at all.

Overall: 1/5
I give it that point, because the packaging is just wonderful. Though it doesn't make up for the brush, the product, and the final effect. I wouldn't re-purchase this product, and I wouldn't suggest it either.

Thanks for reading~

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