Friday, May 25, 2012

Hot Topic Eyeliner Pencils

Hello again readers~

Bringing you some new swatches today. I swatched all three of the Hot Topic brand eyeliners; teal, white, and red.

Each of the pencils are 2 dollars each (but I usually buy whatever I find in clearance to experiment with).

I like how they're pigmented, and soft. They glide on skin easily, and you get great color payoff without the need to constantly go over it multiple times. They do smear, very easily too, so in order for them to stay you'd need to set it with a finishing spray or powder to keep your look fresh.

Even though they smear, I love how many colors you can get, and not only colors, but they have shimmer pencils too. It's a reasonably priced product that allows you to expand your makeup boundaries without burning a hole through your wallet.

Thanks for reading~

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