Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stone Cold - NOTD

Hello again readers~

This polish has been swatched dozens of times, but  how about one more? I picked this up when I was with Cory weeks ago, and finally got around to painting my nails with Stone Cold by China Glaze.

(The above picture is not mine!)

Stone Cold is representing District 2 from the Hunger Games, and was my favorite polish from the entire Hunger Games collection. (Agro came in a close second!)

At first when I applied it, I was really pleased that it was a one-coater, which is great for me since I'm inpatient. Though it turned into a disaster, because I was so focused on getting it perfect, that it would dry! It's a one coat polish because it dries matte very quickly so to apply it you must be fast!

I really do like the matte finish of it, and the  silver shimmer just makes it look amazing. Though the reason I really wanted this polish is due to how it looks with a top coat over it.

Instant love. :)

Thanks for reading~

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